Permanent Removal. Guaranteed.
Permanent Removal. Guaranteed.

Balconies, patios, commercial buildings, roofs, warehouses, city sidewalks


Hawkeye Bird and Animal Control provides balcony cleaning and disinfecting services as well as nest removal and netting for exclusion of birds or wildlife. Birds such as pigeons can deposit as much as 25 lbs of droppings per bird per year. Bird feces is very unsightly, is a health hazard and can damage buildings, vehicles, shrubs, trees, benches, statues and park fountains. Accumulated bird debris can attract mice, rats and flies.


Our workers are all WHMIS trained and have experience in hazardous and infectious material cleaning. Personal protective equipment is used. We use specialized cleaning agents specific to the job. Hawkeye also has power washers for heavy duty cleaning jobs. Hawkeye Bird and Animal Control cleans both Residential and Industrial sites. We do balconies, patios, roofs, warehouses, city sidewalks.

Proper planning and preparation is done before any cleaning job. We don’t deal with any explosive materials. We need to know if there are environmental dangers or hazards in the area i.e.: asbestos, or any dangers from inhaled substances ie.: open vats of solvents in industrial areas. People traffic or forklift traffic is important. We look for anything that can affect the health and safety of our workers as well as our customers and their employees. We decide what tools we may need to get the job done. Manlifts or scaffolding may be used on large industrial buildings or apartments and condominium buildings. We have also used a bosun’s chair. We have several power washers in our arsenal.

We take care to prevent the spread of possible contamination outside the area being cleaned. Any pests dead or alive and any nesting materials we find will be removed using proper procedures for removal. All contaminated material is double bagged in heavy duty trash bags, sealed and disposed of appropriately.

All of our tools and equipment are disinfected after the job is done. Hawkeye can then net the area to prevent birds or wildlife from coming back into the cleaned area. Hawkeye Bird and Animal Control can discuss with the customer the many different bird and wildlife control solutions we have at our disposal, such as: Bird Spikes, Bird Wire, Bird Shock Flex Track, Bird Slide Ledge Protection System, Capture Netting™™, Exclusion Netting.



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