Raccoon traps – Why you should hire a professional

Traps are an effective way to remove raccoons from unwanted locations in your house, like attics. It may be tempting to try this on your own, but there are several reasons you should hire a professional, including:  

- The risk of serious bites or scratches from nervous raccoons

- Knowing what kind of bait to use, the best location for the trap, the right kind of trap and why that pesky raccoon won’t enter your trap

- Understanding the legal requirements of where to relocate a trapped raccoon, and how to humanely treat a trapped raccoon When homeowners attempt to remove raccoons themselves, it often results in:

- Personal injury from scratches, bites or falls -inhumane treatment of raccoons, causing in death

-T rapping a female raccoon with young, but leaving the babies behind without her  


At Hawkeye, our Wildlife Control Technicians:

- Know what to do with the raccoon once it has been trapped

- Will know if there are baby raccoons hiding out with a female, and trap them also

- Will check traps regularly to ensure the health of trapped raccoons

- Are experienced, reducing the likelihood of trapping pets or non-target animals

- Guarantee permanent animal removal