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canada goose 

The Canada Goose is very recognizable, black head, white cheek patches and long black neck. There are several different “races” of Canada Geese. The smallest one - the cackling Canada Goose is only about 1.1 kg, while the Giant Canada Goose - the largest, weighs up to 8 kg. Wing span on the smaller birds is just under a metre while the larger birds can be just over 2 metres. The underbelly can range from light grey to chestnut brown, sometimes almost blackish brown.

Canada Geese fly in large V shape flocks of sometimes over a thousand birdes when migrating, and are able to travel more than 1,000 km in one day. They make a very loud honking sound to announce themselves.



You can find Canada Geese in nearly any area with water, small ponds, lakes, or rivers. They spend as much time in water as they do on land. Water is their safe zone to flee from fox, coyote, and other predators. You can find geese on beaches, parks or golf courses with ponds, sheltered mountain streams, and rivers. They also like large agricultural fields with crops or leftovers from crops that give them plenty of food.  They like to eat young grasses, roots, stems, seeds, and even berries for their young.

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Coyotes have become ubiquitous in urban and suburban areas. If you have a problems with coyote in your area please contact HAWKEYE Bird & Animal Control for removal.

Why do Coyotes suddenly attack humans?

We have a theory... For over 2 years, the general population has been mostly absent or greatly reduced, due to the extended lockdowns in response to COVID. Closed restaurants and other businesses meant less easily available food in  trash bins, so the animals slowly moved into more populated neighbourhoods. During those months of lockdowns, residents may have also taken comfort in watching and feeding wildlife. With life returning to more normal activities, Coyotes are suddenly finding themselves pushed out of cushy territories, that had been their home for some time. So, we believe that the current attacks on residents are a combination of territorial aggression and a demand for food.

Coyotes, Canis latrans, are medium-sized dog like animals (weight: about 8-20 kg; length: approximately 1-1.4 m) that range throughout North America and into the top of South America. The range and number of coyotes seems to be expanding, probably due to their high reproductive capabilities, great dispersal ability, and opportunistic food habits. Coyote expansion has also been made easier by the elimination of so many wolves, with whom they usually compete unsuccessfully and avoid. Coyotes show an amazing ability to adapt and compensate for increased human exploitation. They are able to exist and reproduce successfully in extremely diverse habitats ranging from urban, to suburban, rural, mountains, desert, and from coast to coast. Neither altitude, latitude, nor vegetation restricts their survival.

It’s no surprise to most people to learn that coyotes are amazing and adaptable animals who can live just about anywhere, ranging from remote wild environs to crowded urban areas. They eat just about anything and often are mischaracterized for being vicious predators who routinely harass humans and their companion animals. While attacks do occur, in reality, they’re quite rare, considering all of the opportunities coyotes actually have to interact with humans and domestic animals.


coyote burlington


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Permanent Raccoon RemovalBefore resorting to desperate, inhumane, and illegal measures, please know that we are authorized to permanently remove raccoons and other wildlife from your home or business. 

A Toronto man was recently charged for setting a raccoon trap containing bread dipped in wiper fluid – tragic for both the raccoon and the perpetrator. According to reports, the raccoon recovered and has been released. For the man charged with animal cruelty, the fallout from this incident will undoubtedly be felt for a long while.

While nobody can or would condone his actions, this man’s frustration and desperation is not entirely uncommon and warrants at least a little bit of sympathy. Countless home and business owners find that, upon engaging one of the local companies offering animal wildlife control, captured animals are released literally at the bottom of their driveway. And, of course, the animal promptly returns – resulting in follow up calls to the animal control company again. And again. And again.

If captured wildlife is released in Ontario, it must be no more than 1 kilometer from where trapped or caught. The reason behind the regulation is that animals released at a greater distance from their usual habitat, they may face serious hardship and even death. Doing so would decidedly NOT be humane.

So, what is a home owner to do, once a raccoon, skunk, or squirrel decides to move into their yard, shed, or home? Most people assume that their only options are to either spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on recurring calls to have the animal trapped and released , or accept their fate and learn to live with the animal.

There is a third option. The animal can be humanely destroyed. However, this option requires extensive training and licensing – something, most animal or wildlife control companies do not possess and therefore cannot offer. WE CAN. Hawkeye is the ONLY Certified Wildlife Professional Company in Canada and authorized to euthanize a captured raccoon at the request of the property owner. EVERY Hawkeye technician holds a fur bearer’s license and is required to keep up with appropriate training and education.

Please do not take matters into your own hands and risk breaking the law – call Hawkeye at 416.429.5393 to have an animal removed permanently. Guaranteed.

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UPDATE Sep 1, 2022

Unfortunately, additional attacks are being reported in the City of Burlington. These attacks are uncharacteristic of coyotes and this cluster of attacks on humans are the first reported in Burlington.

Hawkeye will  return and continue to assist, dealing with the animal(s) directly. Meanwhile, city staff are in contact with owners of a property which seems to contain a coyote den. Efforts are made to clear out vegetation and fallen trees to dissuade the animals from continuing to use this site as a denning area. Residents are offered 'Coyote Whistles' until the crisis is resolved. More information here »


coyote attacks burlington

On August 24th, 2022, Hawkeye was called to the City of Burlington after a third report of an unprovoked attack on human life in recent days.


Thanks to Animal Services staff, who played a key role in tracking the coyote identified as being responsible for all three attacks. The attacks resulted in injuries to a toddler in a fenced yard, and adult female, and an 18 year old female in open spaces. Two of the incidents occurred during the day; the last incident was reported to have happened during the evening of August 23rd. All victims received medical treatment and have been released from hospital.

While there have been some coyote sightings in the past, this is the first time that the city of Burlington had to deal with reported attacks. And, although attacks are rare, the city approved and implemented a Coyote Response Strategy in 2015. The document outlines guidelines on preventing and managing conflicts with coyotes, including escalation in relation to the severity of the incident(s).

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