Help! There's a raccoon in my attic!


Raccoons like to get into attics as they provide a perfect nesting/den site. Attics are dry, warm and quiet. Raccoons gain access to attics through many possible locations. Around chimneys, roof vents, loose or missing soffit or fascia are perfect access points. 


Raccoons are able to use their keen sense of smell to locate damp rotting wood. They will target these areas on your roof to gain access to the attic, ripping up shingles and digging through the wood.



Damage by Raccoons to the attic integrity and roof and ceiling

Raccoons are also attracted to attics because they can feel the heat loss from the roof and notice where the drafts are. These access holes are sometimes quite large, some as large as pizza size and will destroy the integrity of your attic and roof itself causing leaks or major floods after storms.



Damage by Raccoons in my attic, home/house, to Insulation

When raccoons are in your attic they disturb the insulation, either packing it down or moving it around, which diminishes or can even eliminate the insulations effectiveness in keeping your house warm. This is especially dangerous as it promotes ice damming on your roof, which often leads to  leaks.



Damage by Raccoons to Electrical lines

Electrical Lines are especially vulnerable for they can be stepped or pulled on, causing possible fires and shorts.



Raccoons in the attic/home/house raise health and safety concerns

Since attics are so large raccoons have sleeping quarters and their latrine (bathroom) area located in the attic. Accumulated raccoon feces and urine can lead to damage to the ceiling in your home and can lead to it falling into the room below. This is especially dangerous as it promotes diseases; removal of raccoons and removal of their feces/ urine is a specialist job. The last things you want on your ceiling are giant yellow stains and brown spots with mold growing around it.



Raccoon Removal


Raccoon Control and Removal methods include Live Trapping*, Licensed Trapping*, Physical Capture*, Shooting*, Relocation*, and Destruction of the animal.

*For a detailed definition of each control method please see Animal Wildlife Control Services & Solutions »





Prevention of raccoons in your attic and home/house

To prevent raccoons in your attic ensure your roof is in good repair. Have a roofer inspect your shingles and all connections to the attic. Trim trees that have branches overhanging your roof or are located near your home. Keep all shrubs near your house trimmed as well.