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Do Seagulls see Colour?

They do. In fact, most birds have the ability to see into the ultraviolet spectrum in addition to the range that we humans see. This gives them a very distinct perception of colour that helps them survive and thrive in the wild.  This ability certainly influences how they perceive different colour objects in their vicinity. seagulls sitting on a small row boat

Do Seagulls prefer one or more Colours?

Seagulls, like many birds, are attracted to the colours of food or colours that can enhance their social interaction. Birds, in general, are drawn to brighter and more vibrant colours. Red, orange and yellow are seen as attractive, but even more dull colours can attract Seagulls because the birds can see the brighter more vibrant ultraviolet colour that we cannot. Much like we may instinctively associate certain colours with familiar objects, seagulls and other birds may recognize vibrant colours as food; flowers, seeds, or fruits that birds forage for in the wild.

Imagine seeing a vibrant red fruit growing on a tree in the wild and the tree is covered in birds. The red fruit will get their attention, but it also glows brightly on the ultraviolet wavelength. The bird eats the fruit, then poops it out a few hours later, and it lands on the ground where the seeds root to grow more fruit trees. It’s Mother Nature's way of propagating many different species of plants.

Are Seagulls attracted to the Colour Red?

Hawkeye Bird & Animal Control did a job a few years back with a huge seagull problem on the roof of a large manufacturing plant not far from Lake Ontario. There were so many seagulls, the roof was starting to rot in places from all the acidic seagull droppings and the feathers getting into the HVAC system on the roof caused a whole different issue. Many of the gulls were light pink in colour. Scouting around the area we found a candy manufacturing plant nearby and heaps of trash that was full of red candy. The colour red was readily seen from the air as there was so much of it. Apparently, this was a popular daily feeding spot for the resident seagulls. 

Are Seagulls attracted to the Colour Blue?

Blue is also a very popular colour for birds as it is the colour of water and the sky, which is the natural habitat for so many birds. This includes seagulls, who often inhabit coastal areas and are around water - lakes, rivers, and even ponds. The blue also stands out against the natural background of trees, forests, fields, and rocks, making it easy to see from great distances.

What else attracts Seagulls?

Seagulls are also attracted to other seagulls.  There are more than 50 different species of  “gulls” world wide and 23 species in Canada. Herring gulls and ring billed gulls are the most common on the Great Lakes. Gulls are very social birds and almost always nest together, live together, fly, and hunt together.  It isn’t unusual to see herring and ring billed gulls nesting and laying eggs in very close proximity. Seagulls seem to be attracted to the shades of colour that reflect their own natural colouring. Typically, gulls tend to be white or off white, with shades of light to medium grey on their wings and belly, black and/or yellow on their beaks or legs, depending on the species of gull.

Is White a 'Danger' Colour for Birds?

To most bird species, the colour white represents potential danger because they will stand out and be highly visible against a white background. Of course, seagulls are predominately white or offf-white and would not have that worry. The colour White seems to have no negative effect on Seagulls.


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