2023 Still Shoot

Photographer Peter Andrew Luztyk captured our "Tank" (Subarctic Great Horned Owl), "Carmen" (Harris Hawk), and "Tilley" (Weimaraner) for Porch Modern - an antique furniture store in Toronto.


2019 Curiosa Promotional Video

 curiosa owl smallWatch 'Elisa', our 2 year old female Snowy Owl in this magical commercial complete a "Fly from point A to point B" command...


2018 Tourism Saskatchewan Advertising Campaign

1Hakeye's owner and falconer Dan Frankian brought a Ferruginous Hawk (native to the prairies) to the production of the 2018 Tourism Saskatchewan and RCMP advertising campaign.

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Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey

crown royal

We are proud of the work our dogs Winnie and Tate have done for TV and film, but this commercial is particularly special to us. As a Canadian Forces veteran, Hawkeye’s Dan Frankian knows the importance of a warm welcome home after deployment, and wishes for one for all of our troops.



Canadian Tire Christmas Commercial with Peregrine Falcon

can tire

In this comical Canadian Tire Christmas commercial, you see our Peregrine falcon landing and remaining on the arm of the actor

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Dog food commercial "Cesar" pet food

Auditions with talent: Dog to jump up next to talent on chair and make believe it's Friday night and talent is settling in and watching TV. Hawkeye dog handler and dog on scene.


Big screen TV Panasonic commercial 


Bird of Prey flying at viewer



Discovery Channel - Still Shoot

Chatsworth studios - Billboard campaign for leather manufacturing


Blockbuster Commercial - Still Shoot

Spaniel "Cody" - still shoot with actors

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