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Explore the many projects featuring our trained Birds of Prey and dogs - select Tabs:




Produced for Television


On the set of "REIGN"

  • Hawkeye provided falconry and bird control services, including animal wrangling and training with bird of prey.



TEAM EPIC  http://www.teamepic.tv/

  • First episode: 
    Hawkeye Falconer and Harris hawk with Captain Epic and interaction
  • Second episode: 
    Several scenes with 'Atlas' German shepherd dog, overseen by Hawkeye dog handler.



The Ron James Show (CBC Television)

  • Bulldog "Jellybean" fills several roles during a Franklin Expedition Sketch: To make the voycage more interesting, the crew puts on a live theater play - starring "Jellybean"
  • See images On Location »



Global News

  • Commentary of effects dealing with bridge collapse and the Gardner Express Way and bird and animal control.



Discovery Channel - Predator Show 

  • 15 minutes of on tv show of birds flying and dogs moving in concert.
  • Extensive work by our handlers with the birds of prey and two kinds of dogs.



City TV 

  • Falconer Dan Frankian flying birds of prey in front of camera at Toronto city hall.



On the set of: What Makes a Family 

  • Hawkeye was responsible for bird and animal control during the shoot.







Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey

  • Dog wrangling
  • Hawkeye's "Winnie" and "Tate" star in this 2016 Commercial; they come to the window when their owner returns from deployment and provide an exhuberant greeting.
  •  View Commercial »



Canadian Tire Christmas Commercial with Peregrine Falcon

  • Bird of Prey wrangling
  • In this comical Canadian Tire Christmas commercial, one of Hawkeye's Peregrine falcon landis and remains on actor's arm
  • View Commercial »



Dog food commercial "Cesar" pet food

  • Dog wrangling
  • Auditions with talent: Dog to jump up next to actor on chair and settling in and watching TV
  • Hawkeye dog handler and dog on scene.



Big screen TV Panasonic commercial 



Discovery Channel - Still Shoot

  • Chatsworth studios - Billboard campaign for leather manufacturing



Blockbuster Advertising - Still Shoot

  • Dog wrangling
  • Spaniel "Cody" - still shoot with actors



{tab=Motion Pictures}


Motion Pictures - Produced for Cinema



  • Birds of Prey (male and female Harris Hawk)
  • Description of Animal wrangling on the set of "Evan All Mighty"



On the set of Skinwalkers: 

  • Bird of Prey wrangling
  • Harris Hawk moving with point A and point B shots as well as specific movement shots onto buildings and moving objects
  • Extensive work




On the set of: Bless the Child

  • Hawkeye was responsible for bird and animal control during the shoot.



{tab=Music Videos}


Music Videos


Andre Ethier

  • Official music video "Little Saddy" 2004
  • Dog wrangling
  • Several of Hawkeye's dogs throughout the video



You Say Party! We Say Die! 

  • Official music video "There's love within my heart" 2010
  • Bird of Prey wrangling
  • Harris Hawk on arm of lead singer





FASHION Magazine November 2016

  • Bird of Prey wrangling
  • Several of Hawkeye's Birds of Prey with model
  • Photography by Chris Nicholls


{tab=Harry Potter}


Harry Potter: The Exhibition 2010

  • Bird of Prey wrangling
  • Hawkeye owner and renowned falconer Dan Frankian with Great horned owl "Clucker" at exhibition





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