raccoon control bowmanvilleHawkeye Bird & Animal Control technicians are dispatched from our Bowmanville location.

Most frequently requested services include the control and removal of raccoons squirrels, and skunks as well as geese and migrating nesting birds.

In contrast to almost all other pest animal control companies, Hawkeye's extensive licenses and permits allow us to offer you solutions and options above and beyond the norm. Please contact us for details.


Like so many of Ontario's water front towns and cities, Bowmanville's proximity to Lake Ontario invites plenty of birds and wildlife. The harbour to the south of Bowmanville in Port Darlington is plagued by seagulls - not only unsightly and pesky, but also posing a considerable risk to boaters and dock staff due to slippery droppings. Additionally, pest birds such as seagulls contribute to thousands of dollars of damage to marine vessels and equipment.

Residential neighbourhoods often find themselves host to urban wildlife such as raccoons, skunks, and squirrels. While all may look cute and cuddly, the damage left behind after entering a home or other structure can be staggering. From roof repair to cleaning a raccoon latrine in your attic, we have seen it all. At Hawkeye, we not only remedy your situation but also help you take measures so that it won't happen again. After an intrusive animal (or animal family) has been removed from your home, we want to make sure it won't return. This will involve repairs to vulnerable entry points and appropriate prevention/exclusion measures.

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