Acton is a small community in Halton Hills Region just East of Guelph and North of Milton; where Hwy 7 and Hwy 25 meet. Acton is actually where our main Hawkeye Bird and Animal Control Headquarters is located and where our company provides falconry experiences to locals and people who travel hours to enjoy this breathtaking and once and a lifetime experience. We have been servicing residential, industrial, and commercial properties in Acton for over 30 years now. Since Acton is a more rural community, we see different animals that are not always seen in the GTA such as coyotes, beaver, fox, and groundhogs. This type of community also provides ample resources for animals like raccoons, skunks, pigeons, seagulls, and geese; which are also found in more urban areas. We service clusters in Halton Hills such as Ashgrove, Ballinafad, Bannockburn, Crewsons Corners, Henderson’s Corners, Horby, Limehouse, Scotch Block, Silver Creek, Terra Cotta, Wildwood, Mansewood, and Norval and all other surrounding areas to Acton.


With a population of just under 10,000, Acton is one of the smaller communities just on the outskirts of the GTA. Since 1842, Acton has been the epicenter of the tanning and leather goods industry; in fact back in this day they use to call it “Leather Town”. There are also many water sources that flow through Acton including Credit River, Grand River, Assabet River, and Blue Springs Creek. Acton also houses a man-made Fairy Lake, which can be enjoyed from Prospect Park. Many natural forests and trails can also be found in Acton including Wills Hole Town Forest, Robbins Mill, Camp Acton, Nagog Hill, Bulette-Town Forest, Morrison Farm, Wetherbee, Great Hill, Pratts Brook, Heath Hen Meadow, Wright Hill, and Jenks. With such a high number of naturally forested areas, the people who own homes and land here are bound to experience pest wildlife on their property.


Seagull Control and Removal in Acton

Acton’s abundant water sources and industrial and commercial areas are big attractants for seagulls, but not to worry; Hawkeye is specialized in seagull control. Many companies attempt to use decoys of birds of prey, but at Hawkeye we use the real thing. Our technicians are trained in the art of falconry and use our trained hawks and falcons to inflict fear on pest seagulls by practicing the most effective and natural form of seagull control. Many commercial properties see thousands of seagulls at a time, but with our effective seagull removal and seagull control methods, you will be totally satisfied with our services. Contact Hawkeye today for your Acton Seagull Control and Seagull Removal needs.


Raccoon Control and Removal in Acton

Pretty much every city in or around the GTA has raccoon problems, and Acton is one of them. Raccoons are the most common pest that you will find nesting in your attic, under your deck, in your shed, or tearing up your yard in Acton. Even though there is an abundance of wooded areas in Acton for raccoons to nest and rear their young, with your property in close proximity, a raccoon may see this as an easier, safer, and more secluded area. Although many people with raccoons on their property just see them as a nuisance, there is a serious health risk with these animals. Raccoons can spread rabies, roundworm, and many other diseases to you and your pets; this is why raccoon control is essential. In addition, raccoons getting into your home can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your property including roofing, insulation, electrical wiring and more.

At Hawkeye Bird & Animal Control we GUARANTEE the permanent removal of raccoons. With trapping licenses from the Ontario Fur Managers Federation and Ministry of Natural Resources we can humanely euthanize these nuisance raccoons and therefore provide permanent and effective raccoon removal.



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