eagle adventureNew in 2023: EAGLE ADVENTURE

Meet our Eagles!  In this one hour experience visit with our Eagles, learn about Eagles, watch a flight demonstration and hold an Eagle on your gloved hand!

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We are passionate about our Birds of Prey. They are our steady partners in Bird Control and we are delighted to share our love for these magnificent birds with you.

Falconry Experiences (one, two, or three hours long) are available during the warmer months and culminate in you sending a Hawk off to a nearby perch and calling him/her back to your arm. Once it gets too cold, our Owls take over in our one hour Experiences. We offer Gift Certificates throughout the year. We invite you to choose your Experience, date and time and make your booking Online.

Falconry Experience

Join us from April until November at our 10-Acre property, view the Birds in their Aviaries, learn a little, laugh a lot, ask us questions, and you are welcome to take pictures and videos with the birds. At the end of your visit, you will fly a Bird of Prey yourself.

We keep our sessions small - 6 participants maximum and children must be 6 years or older and be accompanied by an adult.

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Owl Experience

Our Owls take over during the winter months - from October until March. The sessions are only an hour long - and that is to protect both, the birds and participants from harsh temperatures.

Again, you are most welcome to take all the photos and videos you'd like and at the end of the hour, you will get to fly one of our incredible owls yourself.

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