Chatham-Kent County is a rural community found in between London and Windsor, Ontario. It covers 2,458 square kilometres of land. There are several smaller towns and communities within this area including the town of Chatham, at the hub. This rural setting invites plenty of wildlife and pest birds; the majority of calls we receive are for raccoon control and removal as well as seagull control.

Most of Chatham-Kent is home to farming communities and the automotive industry. Unfortunately, a large amount of the existing automotive related factories have closed. Farm land is still the major source for the economy and several grain elevators and related offices support this industry. Pioneer which uses biotechnology to breed seeds, has its Hi-Bred Limited division located just outside of Chatham. This plant produces methanol for medical, industrial and beverage use. Chatham-Kent is also home to some significant energy companies including Union Gas, Spectra Energy and in recent years has become a large area for windmill energy.

The county of Chatham-Kent spans all the way to Lake Erie at the south, and includes Rondeau Park, the second oldest provincial park. Rondeau Park extends 8kms over a sand spit into Lake Erie, one of only two sand spits that exist in North America (the other residing in Florida). Rondeau Park also has the largest Carolinian Forest in Canada, characterized by a substantial amount of broad-leaf trees. Part of Rondeau includes a cottage community and campground, a popular tourist destination within the area. Rondeau Park has been identified as a significant bird area because it is an important migratory bird stop-over. The wooded areas provide an ideal nesting ground for many bird species and white-tailed deer.

During the summer months, Rondeau Yacht Club operates a sailing school, canoeing, wind-surfing and also swimming for young children. Wheatley Provincial Park is located just inside the south-west border of Chatham-Kent near Essex County, it’s neighbouring region. Wheatley also known for its display of migratory birds, sandy beaches, creeks, campsites and wilderness experience. Another significant area of Chatham-Kent is the southern branch of the Thames River which flows south from London. This waterway along with the forestry surrounding it provides home to a plethora of bird and animal species.

Seagull Control Chatham

seagull control chathamBecause of Chatham's plentiful sources of water, residents and businesses find themselves in increasing need of professional help with segull control. That's where we come in. THE most successful method to control seagulls is Falconry. We fly our trained birds of prey where there is a large seagull population and make use of the natural relationship between prey and predator. Seagulls not only respect the presence of a raptor (and disappear in a hurry) but also REMEMBER. Seagull control by means of Falconry is humane, requires minimal disruption to all surrounding and with no environmental side effects.It can be repeated if or when needed and seagulls do not become habituated. It works every time without fail. We offer more conventional methods of seagull control as well... from pyrotechnics to netting and nest removal. Contact Hawkeye today to take control of your seagull problem.


Raccoon Control and Pest Raccoon Removal in Chatham

raccoon control removal chathamIn Chatham, most residential areas are close by at least one of the many parks that Chatham is well known for. This means that raccoons and other wildlife are no strangers to your residential property and you'll find yourself in need of raccoon control sooner or later. Nesting in your trees, under your deck, in your shed, or in your attic; raccoons can be a real pest and cost you thousands of dollars in home repairs. Luckily Hawkeye is here to help. We provide permanent and effective raccoon control and raccoon pest removal in Chatham and almost every city in Ontario.  With the amble amount of diseases that can be spread through raccoons themselves as well as through their feces; these are not a welcome guest in your residential home.

At Hawkeye Bird & Animal Control we GUARANTEE the permanent removal of raccoons and other wildlife. With trapping licenses from the Ontario Fur Managers Federation and Ministry of Natural Resources we can humanely euthanize any trapped nuisance raccoon providing you with the most effective and permanent form of raccoon control and pest raccoon removal in Chatham. Contact us today and say Good-bye to raccoons for good!


With an area so rich with forestry and farmland, your home, business or industry is guaranteed to cross paths with wilderness. Learn how to pest-proof your home from the damage that pest animals and birds can cause by using the informational links on our website or call one of our experts for a free consultation.

We provide residential, commercial and industrial services. At Hawkeye we use multiple tactics to permanently and humanely resolve your problem. Under the licences that Hawkeye possesses, we can remove pest bird or animals from your location and humanely euthanize if necessary, a distinct difference in licencing permits that Hawkeye holds compared to many other animal control companies.


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