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pest birds introThis section of the Hawkeye website allows you to identify the species of birds that you may be encountering as well as learn about the common health hazards and physical damage associated with pest birds. Most common pest birds are: Pigeons, Seagulls, Starlings, Swallows and Geese

Identifying the species and affected location is the first step in solving your bird control issue. There are a number of problem birds that we deal with on a regular basis.

Click on the appropriate link on the left for detailed information on each pest bird species and its appropriate control methods.

Health Hazards caused by Problem Birds »

Physical Damage caused by Bird Droppings and Nesting Materials »

West Nile Information Links

After careful on-line research we would like to direct you to the following West Nile resources for information and updates:
Click here to visit our client update section »

Some bird control companies promote the use of poison corn as a control method. Hawkeye has never endorsed this practice. This practice will encourage the spread of West Nile, as the poisoned birds will die in the community. Our practice of trapping and relocation, allows us to euthanize and dispose of diseased birds in a controlled environment. Please carefully consider your bird control options. 


It is important to note that Gulls, Geese, Swallows and Ducks have special protection under Canadian Law.



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