Permanent Removal. Guaranteed.

Hawkeye Bird & Animal Control has been servicing the neighbourhoods of the town and region of Caledon for their wildlife, birds and animal control needs for over 25 years. We provide residential, industrial and commercial services for nuisance bird and animals like deer, raccoons, ground hogs, as well as pigeons, gulls and geese.

The town of Caledon is also refereed to as Caledon Region. The region is an amalgamation of numerous urban areas, villages, and hamlets; with the largest population centre being Bolton. The region is located to the east of the York region in the GTA. The Caledon region is bounded by highway 9 to the north, Winston Churchill to the west, Mayfield Road to the south and the Caledon King Town Line South. The overall region has a population of over 57,000 people and covers a vast area of primarily rural terrain of 379 sq. km. There are numerous conservation and provincial parks scattered throughout the area.  See below for a list of significant parks within the area. The entire area is covered in mature forested areas with many trails and attractions for hikers and other nature enthusiasts. These mature forests bring a host of wildlife into the area including white tailed deer, raccoons, chipmunks, squirrels, groundhogs, muskrats and more.

Major Nature parks & protected areas in the Caledon region:

  • Caledon Lake Forest Conservation Area
  • Cheltenham Badlands
  • Forks of the Credit Provincial Park
  • Heart Lake Conservation Area
  • Robert Baker Forest Conservation Area
  • Terra Cotta Conservation Area
  • Warwick Conservation Area Nature Trails
  • Bruce Trail  
  • Caledon Trailway  
  • Elora-Cataract Trail  
  • Grand Valley Trail  
  • Humber Valley Trail  
  • Andrew's Treasure Trail
  • Oak Ridges Trail  

The Caledon region is a beautiful area of central Ontario. Its draw is the rolling terrain and mature forests.  However, the nature beauty also brings direct interaction with wildlife. Learn how to safe-proof your home or business from pest birds and animals by clicking on our tools and tips for Bird and Animal Control.

We provide residential, commercial and industrial services. The biggest concerns for the area are Deer, raccoons, ground hogs, foxes, mice and many other creatures. At Hawkeye, we use multiple tactics to permanently and humanely resolve your problem. Under the licences that Hawkeye possesses, we can remove pest bird or animals from your location and humanely euthanize if necessary, a distinct difference in licencing permits that Hawkeye holds compared to many other animal control companies. Call for a free consultation.