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Dan Frankian with bald eagle

As published by NWCOA CWCP:

Hawkeye Bird and Animal Control of Canada is now opening  an office in West Palm Beach, Florida, offering bird control & falconry services to Florida commercial and residential customers.

Hawkeye Bird and Animal Control is owner operated by Dan Frankian since its inception in 1989. Hawkeye quickly grew from a one-man operation using one hawk and expanded to a business with 18 staff members and dozens of birds of prey.

Dan Frankian has worked nationally, as well as internationally, for various government agencies and large corporations. Dan Frankian’s birds of prey and dogs have appeared in and have opened for several live shows and documentaries, as well as films and promotions such as Harry Potter.

Dan continues to speak at events and conferences worldwide, discussing such issues as bird and animal control, bird removal, bird strikes and abatement. As an expert outdoorsman, shooter, hunter and trapper, he is concerned with environmental issues and renewable natural resources. Dan is CWCP certified and a NWCOA member.


New Location:

Hawkeye Bird & Animal Control
5600 North Flagler Drive #705
West Palm Beach FLORIDA 33407


In our ongoing effort to support and contribute to exceptional business ethics, we continue to renew our commitment to be part of the Better Business Bureau community for the year 2019.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB), founded in 1912, is a private, nonprofit organization whose focus is on advancing marketplace trust. 106 independently incorporated local BBB organizations in the United States and Canada are part of the Council of Better Business Bureaus (CBBB) in Arlington, Virginia.

Businesses that affiliate with the BBB and adhere to its standards do so voluntarily and through industry self-regulation. As a BBB accredited business, Hawkeye pledges and continues to adhere to the BBB Code of Business Practices.

In this series of photos you can see Master Falconer and Hawkeye C.E.O. Dan Frankian “Jessing” our Great Horned Owl; a member of our team who will be used for Bird Control and Falconry Experiences.

The first step is to attach leather anklets around the tarsi of the Owl. These anklets are then fastened using an eyelet grommet and punch pliers. Leather jesses are then attached through these eyelets using a knot.

In the past the leather jesses were fastened directly around the tarsi of the bird. This new two piece style of jesses are referred to as “Aylmeri Jesses” which specifically refer to the use of both anklets and jesses. The main benefit of the separate anklet and jess is to provide more comfort for the Owl, and to prevent rubbing or irritation of the tarsi. These jesses allow for the most unencumbered movement while attached to a leash.

With Hawkeye Bird and Animal Control, this Great Horned Owl will get to utilize instinctual hunting abilities to perform bird control for gulls, starlings, and many different nuisance birds. Come to our facility and meet this Great Horned Owl up close and personal at our falconer for a day experience. You will get to see many different Eagles, Owls, Hawks, and Falcons, get up close and personal, learn about the art of falconry, and see a spectacular flight display of one of our Harris Hawks. You will also get to call this Harris Hawk directly to your own fist.

This is an amazing experience good for anyone age 5 and up. Contact us page to find out more about bird control or book your falconer experience today.


Ontario Falconer Dan Frankian brought a Ferruginous Hawk (native to the prairies) to the production of a promotional video for the government of Saskatoon and the RCMP. Here are some highlights:


Hawkeye's Dan Frankian weighed in on Toronto city council's consideration of lifitng the current ban on barnyard chickens:


TORONTO - Some Toronto residents with a hankering for their own fresh eggs could soon be in luck if city council approves a pilot project that would lift a ban on backyard hens. Four Toronto wards would be part of the project and comes as part of a motion to review the city's list of prohibited animals, which currently includes chickens.

A survey included in a city staff report filed in May suggested that lifting the ban on chickens could be a popular move. “There's a lot of benefits, for sure,” said Coun. Justin Di Ciano, whose west-end ward will be part of the pilot project. Home-raised chickens are a healthier alternative to store-bought eggs, he said, and they keep away pests. He also characterized them as a “cruelty-free” alternative to factory-farmed eggs.

Hawkeye’s Birds of Prey Pose for Pictures at SickKids Scrubs in the City Gala

On Thursday, June 1 2017 Hawkeye and team had the pleasure of showing off our birds of prey to over 1000 guests at the SickKids Scrubs in the City Event held at Toronto’s own Evergreen Brick Works.  Our beautiful Eurasian Eagle Owl and Harris Hawk caught the attention of party goers at this Marrakech themed party donned in their Moroccan inspired costumes and vividly coloured gowns all for great pictures with our magnificent birds.  Our birds of prey fit in perfectly with the exotic décor and entertainment.  Guests were able to get up close and personal with birds, learn a little about them and pose for a picture.  Who doesn’t want that picture on their Instagram or Facebook page ‘exotic birds and party gowns’!


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5600 N Flagler Dr. #705
, West Palm Beach, FL33407 U.S.A.



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