Permanent Removal. Guaranteed.
Permanent Removal. Guaranteed.


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Bird Control, Removal, Repellents, and/or Barriers:

As a leader in the commercial Bird, Animal & Wildlife control industry we have developed a variety of services to meet the needs of our clients in a wide variety of locations and industries. Our fur bearer license give us and you the client great flexibility in permanent removal of Bird, Animal & Wildlife on your property.


As each location and/or industry presents its own unique challenges and potential risks to Property and Human Health we identify your problem and provide appropriate long-term custom cost effective solutions to deal with your pest bird or animal situation.


Please see the links under Commercial Bird Control on the left to explore the process of identifying and finding the right solution for your location or industry or contact us »

Bird Control

Bird Control Services in West Palm Beach, Florida »  | Please contact us for services in other Canadian Provinces and the U.S.


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We are looking for two Wildlife Removal Technicians in the GTA who welcome an exciting opportunity to work independently in an outside environment... read more »