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The Impact of Bird Infestations on Toronto Businesses

Businesses all across Canada deal with bird infestations; birds congregate and cause considerable damage anywhere from large warehouses to flat rooftops. When it comes to bird control, commercial locations often present more of a risk to public and employee welfare than residential settings. As each location and/or industry presents its own unique challenges and potential risks to Property and Human Health we identify your problem and provide appropriate long-term custom cost effective solutions to deal with your pest bird or animal situation. We are uniquely qualified and licensed to tackle even large scale projects, including our Falconry and Shooting in Sensitive Environments licenses.

Health and Safety Risks

Of course, the biggest concern is always health and safety. Bird excrement offers dire consequences, especially to those with respiratory conditions. Health concerns range from air quality and food contamination to slip and fall accidents and even bird strikes near airports.

Property Damage Concerns

One of the most frequent and most obvious damages is to HVAC systems on rooftops. Both excrement and feathers enter and clog vital vents and mechanisms, rendering the system useless. Drains and run-offs often suffer the same fate, exposing roofs to water damage that can result in the roof collapsing. Bird excrement is also detrimental to the structural integrity of buildings or bridges, due to its high acidity and corrosive properties.

Reputation Management

Especially in Food and Medical fields, cleanliness is of utmost importance and the lack thereof can have devastating consequences. Similarly, the hospitality industry and property management can suffer a great deal of damage to reputation and business going forward. Commercial Bird and Pest Control is a long term investment in your business and reputation.

Common Problematic Birds in Toronto's Commercial Areas

Don’t feed the birds! Toronto’s parks, beaches, and businesses are overrun with pest birds - with each species offering up a different set of hazards and problems. 

Pigeon: The Urban Menacepigeon in article

Pigeons are prolific breeders and multiply up to 6 times a year. They are unique in that they can and will breed throughout the year, not just in the spring. Young pigeons will stay close to their hatch site and around 6 months of age begin looking for a mate and to start their own family. Feral Pigeons will nest on or under sheltered artificial ledges, ranging from balconies and window sills to bridges, barns, and signs. Their excrement covers the side and signage of buildings, restaurant awnings, and just about all public spaces.

Seagulls and Their Aggressive BehaviorSeagull

With Toronto’s Lakeshore and many ponds in public green spaces, it’s no surprise that seagulls claim the city and its surroundings as their own. Add to that hundreds of perfectly suitable flat roofs for raising their offspring, and public feeding, albeit often involuntary, and they’ve got their own little piece of paradise. Even when not protecting a nest, seagulls are quite brazen and aggressive in their pursuit of your lunch or snack. 

Canada Geese on Corporate Grounds Canada Goose

Many a beautifully landscaped space around commercial buildings, hotels, condominium complexes, or public parks is soiled (literally) by geese droppings. While unsightly, that also poses several risks to health and safety. We have developed custom geese control methods to mitigate these issues.

Unique Challenges for Toronto Businesses

High-Rise Building Issues

Toronto, like most cities, boasts many high rise buildings. From office towers and luxury condominiums, to the CN tower, ledges, roofs, and balconies are frequented by pest birds and often difficult areas to address. This is where Hawkeye’s unique approach comes to the rescue. 

Waterfront Property Concerns

Curb appeal and property value can be drastically reduced by bird excrement. Especially seagulls and geese are drawn to waterfront properties. 

Seasonal Bird Migration Impacts

Migrating birds often seek stopover sites to rest and refuel during their long journeys; often, buildings with flat roofs or ledges offer such sites. Large numbers of birds can disrupt commercial operations, particularly food-related businesses.

Effective Commercial Bird Control Methods: Removal, Repellents, and/or Barriers

As a rule, you’ll need to either prevent birds from landing or roosting, or physically remove them. Deterrents using props or sounds generally yield only very short term success, if any. Birds learn that there is no actual danger and will ignore your efforts in short order.

Exclusion Techniques for Buildings

High rise buildings, such as condominiums with balconies will require bird netting. Hawkeye offers certified installation and cleaning and disinfecting. This also applies to oddly shaped roof lines often found on arenas or other public buildings.

Bird Deterrent Systems

Ledge protection systems are a great option for flat roofs, signage, and other accessible ledges. Products are designed to address different species of birds as well as varying bird pressure (number of birds). Pyro Technics are also an effective method to deter birds from roosting and nesting in the area. Hawk sitting on Falconer's arm

Humane Removal Strategies

By far the best long term humane solution for relocating pest birds is Falconry. Making use of the natural predator/prey relationship between Birds of Prey and pest birds, we are able to disburse large flocks in a short amount of time. This process needs to be repeated to have a desired long term effect.

Legal Considerations for Bird Control in Toronto

Before you hire a Commercial Bird Control company, always ask for the permits process and references. Almost all work in bird control requires you, the client, to have permits for the work being done. Depending on the methods used, the company you choose, also needs to be licensed or certified to do the work proposed.

Protected Species and Regulations

Many birds, nests and eggs are protected under law, both federal and provincial. The Migratory Bird Treaty Act restricts which birds or nests can be moved or removed at what specific time. Please note that ALL work with seagulls and Canada geese requires permits. Start by visiting Ontario's Migratory Bird Regulations.

Compliance with Local Bylaws

Using methods such as pyro technics always warrants a chat with the local police or fire chief, at minimum. Again, it is important that the Commercial Bird Control company you hire, is authorized to use such devices and experienced in doing so.

Hawkeye's Professional Bird Control Solutions

Hawkeye has been on the forefront in Commercial Bird Control in the GTA for over 30 years. Our experience allows you to bypass trial and error methods and go straight to what has proven to be effective over long periods of time, thus saving repeat calls and  money in the long run.

Customized Plans for Various Industries

In our capacity as a leader in  Bird and Animal Wildlife Control, we have developed a variety of services and technologies to meet your needs in a wide variety of locations and industries. We are CWCP certified in both Canada and the U.S. Our Commercial Falconry license, Fur Bearer and Pest Control Licenses,  and Shooting in Sensitive Environments Certification gives us and you, the client, great flexibility in permanent removal of Bird and  Animal Wildlife on your premises.

We often find that ‘traditional’ solutions don’t work in certain settings or for certain clients. This is when we go to the drawing board and devise custom solutions, including proprietary equipment, and a strategic plan tailored to YOUR location or issue.

Advanced Technology in Bird Management

We employ methods such as custom pyro guns, pigeon traps designed by and built for Hawkeye, and a few more custom inventions to get the job done. We are always on the lookout for more effective, more humane, and more cost effective solutions.

Eco-Friendly Approaches

Falconry for Commercial Bird Control is as eco-friendly as it gets. We work with nature and ensure minimal harm to the birds. We employ non-invasive methods wherever possible. Our goal is to remove pest birds from your premise, not harm them.

Hawkeye for Commercial Bird and Pest Control

Explore our many services, products, and solutions for your Commercial Bird Control needs. We only recommend, sell, or install what we can guarantee. Contact us today to get started on a free estimate.



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