Permanent Removal. Guaranteed.

Hawkeye Bird and Animal Control Inc. services Whitby, Ontario. Hawkeye Bird and Animal Control has been in the business of pest bird and animal control for almost 30 years now. With the licences that Hawkeye holds, we are able to offer permanent results for your pest bird, animal or wildlife problem. We service residential, commercial and industrial properties within the area of Whitby.

With a population of 122K, Whitby is part of the region of Durham located east of the GTA. With its proximity to Toronto and access to the GO Transit system, it has always been a popular commuter city. Whitby borders Oshawa to the east, Pickering to the north, Ajax to the west and Lake Ontario to the south. While it has a populated core, with grown up neighbourhoods and is well established, the north end of the city is being developed with new subdivisions and commercial retail. With that comes significant population growth.

Over the past few years we have seen significant changes to road infrastructure to accommodate the population growth. Highway 401 lanes have been expanding further and further east and in the north end of Whitby we have seen Highway 407, the toll highway being extended. This will continue into the foreseeable future and truly extend the GTA further out. And, with the prices of homes in Toronto continuing to skyrocket, more people wanting to be home owners look to the outskirts of the GTA to stake their claim on property.  

With this push of land further north comes a shift in wildlife. Small animals are pushed from their homes and forced to use their new habitat to survive often causing conflict with humans. Whitby has its own extensive map of trails and parks. Notably, Lynde Shores Conservation Area, Ash Creek Channel, Bio-diversity Trail, Scott Trail, Otter Creek, Gordon Richards Park and more. These parks attract a number of wildlife, those near the waterfront attract waterfowl like gulls and geese, while inland you may encounter deer, foxes, squirrels, raccoons.

Geese and Gulls can often have a negative effect on the experience of visitors. The uric acid in their droppings can cause significant damage to light posts, buildings and park benches.  

Whether it is serving a resident or local municipality, Hawkeye’s specialists are available for all your Bird and Animal control needs. At Hawkeye we use multiple tactics to permanently and humanely resolve your problem. Under the licences that Hawkeye possesses, we can remove pest bird or animals from your location and humanely euthanize if necessary, a distinct difference in licencing permits that Hawkeye holds compared to many other animal control companies. Check out our extensive list of services we provide using the navigation bar at the top of our home page.