Hawkeye Bird & Animal Control has been servicing the town of Orangeville for its wildlife, birds and animal control needs for over 25 years. Hawkeye provides residential, commercial and industrial services for nuisance animals and birds like pigeons, gulls and geese, as well as skunks, raccoons and squirrels.

The town of Orangeville located northwest of the greater Toronto area. It is considered a bedroom community for the greater Toronto area with many people commuting. The city is located at the main intersections of highway 10 and 109 (formally #9).The city has an approximate population of 30,000, making it the hub of Dufferin County. The town was founded in the early 1860 by Orange Lawrence, his original house still stands today in the town. The town has grown steadily in population over the last 40 years .Orangeville is a small town at heart with some big city amenities. The town prides itself on maintaining a vibrant retail downtown core with many local businesses and a weekly farmers market in the summers on Broadway.

Clubs & activities:  

  • Orangeville Northman (junior A lacrosse team)
  • Orangeville Blues and Jazz Festival
  • Art Walk of Tree Sculptures (a must see)
  • Credit Valley Explorer (historically train tour through the credit valley)

Economic activity:

  • Dufferin County Municipal offices
  • Retail sales rep  
  • Banking
  • Manufacturing plants 

Major industrial employers include: Greening Donald, Clorox Company of Canada, and Relizon Canada  

The town of Orangeville is a mixture of old and new houses. With many areas nestled right next to conservation land, farmland and other forests, it allows for encounters with wildlife and other pest animals. Learn how to pest-proof your home from the damage that pest animals and birds can cause by using the informational links on our website or call one of our experts for a free consultation. The key areas of concern for Orangeville are squirrels, skunks and unwanted nesting birds. At Hawkeye we use multiple tactics to permanently and humanely resolve your problem. Keeping both the customer and wildlife happy is our main goal. We provide residential, commercial and industrial services.

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