Hawkeye Bird & Animal Control has been helping people in the Kitchener area with their wildlife, bird, and animal control needs for over 25 years. Hawkeye provides residential, commercial and industrial services for nuisance bird and animals like skunks and squirrels, pigeons, gulls and geese, and raccoons.

Kitchener and Waterloo are two different cities adjacent to one another in southern Ontario. Often referred by locals as KW, these two cities are located north of Highway 401 west of Toronto about 110 kilometres to the city center, but only 80-90 kilometres or so to the GTA which makes it an attractive area to settle down in while still being able to commute to the many corporate offices located throughout the GTA. Some call this area the ‘Tri-City’ and include Cambridge, another city adjacent to these just south of Highway 401. Combined these three cities have a population of over 507K.

With housing and property more affordable in the Tri-City, it gives residents that comfort of smaller city living, backyards and more square footage but still having access to the GTA.
The Grand River runs to the east of Kitchener and Waterloo, then through the city center of Cambridge. It is the largest river that is entirely within southern Ontario and unlike most rivers runs south all the way to Lake Erie vs the nearest Great Lake.

The big draws to the Kitchener area include

  • Oktoberfest
  • Victoria Park (with a bronze statue of the Queen)
  • Chicopee Ski Club
  • Braves Junior A lacrosse team
  • Kitchener Rangers

The big economy drivers / employers are 

  • Redevelopment of the downtown core business infrastructure “downtown Kitchener Action Plan”
  • Google Inc.
  • Shaw Communications
  • Kitchener Waterloo Regional Health

The large watershed of the Conestoga river creates excellent habitat for what are considered pest birds and animals. These include pigeons, gulls, raccoons, mice & skunks. With the mixture of older homes and the development of new housing on the outskirts of the city it creates lots of opportunities for interaction with wildlife. The most recent issue has been with skunks near the Conestoga river and other nearby bodies of water. Whether you live in an older part of the city new home, you will encounter wildlife. Learn how to safe-proof your home or business from pest birds and animals by clicking on our tools and tips for Bird and Animal Control. We provide residential, commercial and industrial services. Call us now to get a free consultation on how we can help you deal with your pest problem.


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