Guelph is located north of Highway 401 off Highway 6 about an hour from downtown Toronto.  Many commuters of the GTA live in Guelph with its small-town feeling and rural outskirts, coupled by a low crime rate and high standard of living.  Guelph has a population of 121 K and is home to the University of Guelph, known for the Ontario Agricultural College, the oldest portion of the University. On this property is the University of Guelph Arboretum.  This spectacular green space is over 165 hectares with multiple trails, numerous species of mammals, birds, butterflies, reptiles and more.  It is not only used as a teaching ground, but is also used as a public space.  It also has over 1700 species of trees and shrubs, most of which are native to southern Ontario.

With several rivers and creeks throughout Guelph, come forested ravines which bring a number of wildlife animals and birds to the area.  They also make great parks and recreational areas.  Surrounding Guelph Lake to the north of Guelph is Guelph Lake Conservation Area, a popular tourist destination for swimming and beach activities.  Guelph Lake has camping, hiking and biking trails and even a concert venue located on a peninsula near the center of this man-made lake. Rivers and water sources typically bring in pigeons, gulls and geese as you’ll see around these areas.  There have been large colonies of geese in the downtown part of Guelph.  And with the terrain of Guelph quite three-dimensional, this offers great coverage for wildlife. Also located in the north-east end of Guelph is Pollinators Park.  A project to take a decommissioned landfill and turn it into 45 ha pollination site over several years.

A number of small breweries exist in Guelph, but the large, well-known, Sleeman Breweries Ltd has called this home for decades.  

Guelph has an old historic downtown, but also new retail developed areas, a mall on Stone Road and some big-box stores like Walmart and Canadian Tire.

Guelph offers residents both a retail rich core, but country living nearby.  Make sure your home or business is not an attractive refuge for pest animals and birds.  Learn how to pest-proof your home from the damage that pest animals and birds can cause by using the informational links on our website or call one of our experts for a free consultation.We provide residential, commercial and industrial services.  At Hawkeye we use multiple tactics to permanently and humanely resolve your problem.  Under the licences that Hawkeye possesses, we can remove pest bird or animals from your location and humanely euthanize if necessary, a distinct difference in licencing permits that Hawkeye holds compared to many other animal control companies.


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