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preventing pigeons under solar panels

If you have noticed pigeons gathering and nesting under the solar panels on your commercial property, there are a few steps you can take to successfully remove the birds and/or prevent further nesting and congregating.

Why Is It a Problem to Have Pigeons Under My Solar Panels?

While it may not seem all that terrible to have pigeons residing under your solar panels, there are several reasons why this can actually become a problem. One of the main concerns is the potential damage that these birds can cause with their nesting habits and droppings.

Birds can cause significant damage and destruction to solar panels simply from perching on the panels, wiring, and brackets. Their talons and beaks can scratch the surface, reducing the longevity of the panels. Pigeons are also known to build their nests with materials that can be harmful to the panels, such as twigs and debris and their droppings can corrode the panels over time, leading to a decrease in efficiency and increased maintenance costs.

How do I prevent Pigeons from nesting under my Solar Panels?

Professional wildlife experts recommend using wire mesh around the solar panels to prevent pigeons from building nests. Ledge Protection Systems such as roof spikes may offer some success as well. Contrary to what you may read on the Internet, fake plastic or stone predators are NOT a viable option for deterring pigeons - they no not work.

Additionally, having your solar panels regularly inspected and maintained can help decrease the likelihood of pigeons roosting or nesting on or near the panels. Maintenance should include keeping the glass and surrounding area clean and free of debris.

How do I remove Pigeons if they have already settled?

Reputable companies will use humane trapping methods to capture the pigeons without harm and remove them from the area. Hawkeye Bird & Animal Control deploys proprietary traps - designed by and for us exclusively. Falconry is a bit more difficult (read: costly), but could be useful, if used in combination with other control methods. 

Benefits of Professional Pigeon Control Services

Professional pigeon control services have the necessary skills and expertise to handle the birds and potential health risks in regards to excrement. Any time you deal with trapping animals or birds, it's best to turn to the professionals. Trusting in the expertise of a professional team will alleviate any stress or potential risks associated with pigeon control.

Additionally, we will counsel you on best solutions to prevent more pigeons and implement such solutions when warranted.

Contact Hawkeye to ensure the safe and ethical removal of Pigeons under Solar Panels

For an expert pigeon removal specialist in your area, contact Hawkeye Bird & Animal Control. We are the only pest bird and animal/wildlife control company in Canada designated "Certified Wildlife Control Professional" and holding the following licenses: Trapping of Fur Bearing Animals Permit, Falconry Permit, and Pest Control License.

We guarantee results through our permanent solutions in Toronto, the GTA, and the Golden Horseshoe Area. Contact us today for more information.


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