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Seeing pigeons on the streets of Toronto is one thing— but dealing with pigeons on your roof all day can be frustrating. These birds can cause significant damage to your home, and pose health risks to those in and around your home.

Here are some practical, humane, and effective methods on how to remove pigeons from your roof, so you can learn how to keep your roof pigeon-free… the right way.Pigeon sitting on shingle roof, sheltered by chimney

Why Do Pigeons Go On Roofs?

You won’t quite know how to remove pigeons from your roof unless you know what draws them there to begin with.

Roofs provide a warm and safe environment for them to roost and nest, especially flat roofs or those with lots of nooks and crannies. These spots offer protection from predators and harsh weather conditions, making them ideal for pigeons to settle in.

Certain types of roofs are also more susceptible to pigeon infestation than others. Roofs with loose tiles or damaged areas can provide easy access for pigeons to nest under. Similarly, buildings with ledges or overhangs are attractive to these birds as they offer sheltered spots for roosting.

Lastly, the presence of food and water sources nearby can significantly increase the likelihood of pigeons choosing your roof as their home. Pigeons are scavengers and are attracted to areas where food is readily available, like open garbage bins, outdoor eating areas, or where people frequently feed birds. A simple way to learn how to get rid of pigeons on your home’s roof is simply ensuring that food and water sources are secure and not easily accessible.

Why Pigeons SHOULDN’T Be On Your Roof

While pigeons might seem harmless, their presence on your roof can lead to several problems.

First and foremost, pigeons can cause significant damage to roofing materials. Their acidic droppings can erode roofing materials, leading to leaks and structural damage over time. Additionally, the constant pecking and scratching of pigeons can dislodge tiles and create entry points for water.

Health risks associated with pigeon droppings are another concern. Pigeon droppings can harbor harmful bacteria, fungi, and parasites, posing a risk to human health. Diseases like histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, and psittacosis can be transmitted through pigeon droppings, making it crucial to address a pigeon infestation promptly.

Furthermore, pigeons nesting on your roof can lead to clogged gutters and drains. Their nests and droppings can block water flow, resulting in water damage and potential flooding during heavy rain. Regular maintenance and cleaning of gutters are essential to prevent such issues.

Now that you know why pigeons might be on your roof, here’s how to remove pigeons from your roof in a humane and efficient way.

2 pigeons on shingled roofHow to Remove Pigeons From Your Roof

Install Bird Spikes or Nets - Highly effective

One effective way to deter pigeons from landing on your roof is by installing bird spikes or nets.

Bird spikes are long, needle-like rods that make it uncomfortable for pigeons to land, while nets create a physical barrier that prevents pigeons from accessing certain areas.

When installing bird spikes, ensure they’re placed on all potential landing spots, like ledges, beams, and roof edges. For maximum effectiveness, the spikes should be close enough together to prevent pigeons from finding a comfortable footing. Nets should be securely fastened to the perimeter of the area you want to protect, with no gaps for pigeons to squeeze through.

Both bird spikes and nets are durable and require minimal maintenance once they’re installed. However, it's essential to periodically check them for damage or wear and tear to ensure they continue to be effective deterrents! Especially before and after the winter season. 

Bird Shock Flex Track - Highly effective

Another product in the line up of ledge protection systems is Bird Shock Flex Track. This is a low-profile electrified track that conforms to any architectural configuration. Flex-Track curves up and down, and side-to-side and the stainless steel strapping easily follows the PVC base without wrinkling and minimal visibility.

Remove Food and Water Sources - Highly effective

Pigeons are often attracted to roofs because of the availability of food. To discourage them from making your roof their home, try your best to eliminate these food sources. Secure garbage bins with tight-fitting lids and avoid leaving pet food or scraps outside. If you have a garden or compost heap, make sure it's not easily accessible to pigeons.

And, as much as we all enjoy bird feeders and baths - if you have concerns about pigeons, you should probably do without.

Regular cleaning of outdoor areas, including patios, balconies, and gutters, can also help prevent the accumulation of food debris that attracts pigeons. By maintaining a clean environment, you reduce the likelihood of pigeons finding a food source on or near your roof.

Use Bird Repellent Gel  - Minimally effective

Another humane method to keep pigeons off your roof is by using bird-repellent gel.

This repellent creates an unpleasant surface for pigeons to land on, deterring them from settling on your roof. The gel is typically applied to ledges, roof edges, and other areas where pigeons are likely to perch.

When using bird repellent gel, it's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions for application and reapplication. Some products may require reapplication after a certain period or after heavy rain to maintain their effectiveness. Additionally, ensure that the repellent is safe for use around humans and pets and does not damage roofing materials. Normally this is reserved for industrial use as the gel can liquify and run down the side of the building, causing a sticky mess. 

Ultrasonic Bird Deterrents- Zero effectiveness

We do not recommend ultrasonic devices. We have yet to discover one that works. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are pigeons harmful to humans?

Pigeons can pose health risks to humans due to the diseases and parasites they can carry. Their droppings can harbor bacteria, fungi, and viruses that can lead to respiratory issues, infections, and other health problems.

To minimize contact and exposure to pigeon droppings when learning how to get rid of pigeons on your roof, it's essential to wear protective gear when cleaning affected areas and to wash your hands thoroughly afterward. Regularly cleaning areas where pigeons roost can also help reduce the risk of disease transmission.

Can I harm pigeons while removing them?

When removing pigeons from your roof, it's crucial to use humane methods that do not harm the birds. Many regions have laws and regulations regarding the treatment of wildlife, so it's important to familiarize yourself with local guidelines.

Non-lethal methods, such as deterrents and exclusion techniques, are recommended for pigeon control. If you need help with the best approach, consider consulting with bird control experts or wildlife authorities.

How can I prevent pigeons from returning?

Preventing pigeons from returning to your roof requires ongoing vigilance and proactive measures. Regular roof maintenance, such as repairing damaged tiles, sealing entry points, and removing nests, can help deter pigeons. Keeping deterrents in good condition and adjusting their placement as needed can also be effective.

Additionally, continue to manage food sources and maintain a clean environment to reduce the attractiveness of your property to pigeons.

How can I get rid of a pigeon’s nest on my roof?

You’ll want to make sure you’re wearing protective gear, choose the right time (during the day is a better time than at night), and check for eggs or chicks in the nest before removing.

In the majority of cases, we recommend contacting a professional bird animal control and or wildlife removal service for assistance. These professionals will know how to get rid of pigeons nesting on your roof the right way.

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Whether you need assistance with deterrent installation, exclusion techniques, or a comprehensive removal plan, Hawkeye is equipped to handle your pigeon concerns. Contact Hawkeye for a consultation and take the first step toward a pigeon-free roof.


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