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Dan Frankian is an accomplished falconer, using his skills to provide a natural alternative to chemical and product driven Bird, Animal, and Pest Control in the Toronto and Golden Horseshoe Area... Read more »

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Permanent Raccoon RemovalBefore resorting to desperate, inhumane, and illegal measures, please know that we are authorized to permanently remove raccoons and other wildlife from your home or business. 

A Toronto man was recently charged for setting a raccoon trap containing bread dipped in wiper fluid – tragic for both the raccoon and the perpetrator. According to reports, the raccoon recovered and has been released. For the man charged with animal cruelty, the fallout from this incident will undoubtedly be felt for a long while.

While nobody can or would condone his actions, this man’s frustration and desperation is not entirely uncommon and warrants at least a little bit of sympathy. Countless home and business owners find that, upon engaging one of the local companies offering animal wildlife control, captured animals are released literally at the bottom of their driveway. And, of course, the animal promptly returns – resulting in follow up calls to the animal control company again. And again. And again.

If captured wildlife is released in Ontario, it must be no more than 1 kilometer from where trapped or caught. The reason behind the regulation is two fold:

  1. If animals are released at a greater distance from their usual habitat, they may face serious hardship and even death. Doing so would decidedly NOT be humane.
  2. To prevent the spread of Rabies or other diseases. Especially animals who are fearless of people, may carry rabies.

So, what is a home owner to do, once a raccoon, skunk, or squirrel decides to move into their yard, shed, or home? Most people assume that their only options are to either spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on recurring calls to have the animal trapped and released , or accept their fate and learn to live with the animal.

There is a third option. The animal can be humanely destroyed. However, this option requires extensive training and licensing – something, most animal or wildlife control companies do not possess and therefore cannot offer. WE CAN. Hawkeye is the ONLY Certified Wildlife Professional Company in Canada and authorized to euthanize a captured raccoon at the request of the property owner. EVERY Hawkeye technician holds a fur bearer’s license and is required to keep up with appropriate training and education.

Please do not take matters into your own hands and risk breaking the law – call Hawkeye at 416.429.5393 to have an animal removed permanently. Guaranteed.



If a raccoon is captured and released nearby, will it return?

Yes, it almost certainly will. A raccoon or other wildlife will come back to your property if it has made a home and/or nest, found food, and found safety. Even if you go to extreme measures to wildlife proof your house, the animal(s) will find a way back in. This is true especially, if there is offspring involved.


Why should I be so concerned about raccoons?

Raccoons are the most likely and most reported carriers of Rabies. Rabies is easily transmitted by saliva; you may leave out a water bowl for your pet  and this water becomes contaminated by virtue of an infected raccoon drinking from it. Your pet then consumes the contaminated water and passes it to you by licking your hand. This is not a far fetched scenario. And, Rabies is upwards of 95% fatal. You do NOT want the risk of rabies anywhere near your home or family.


What CAN I do to discourage raccoons and other wildlife from coming to my yard?

Examine your yard and property. Remove all water and food sources. Do not leave out water bowls for your pet, take down bird feeders. Securely store your household waste. Secure your compost bin. Also look at trimming trees and hedges that may enable access to your roof. Check and repair your chimney - consider adding a chimney cap.



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