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Pigeon removal in Mississauga has been a concern for local businesses for many years. As the birds are notorious for their innate homing ability—meaning they will usually always return to their nesting location—most attempts to get rid of the pigeons last a short time.

Property owners and management teams do have a responsibility to their buildings’ occupants and to the public to control the pigeon population. Aside from the mess created, pigeons carry bacterial diseases such as Salmonella and Chlamydophila psittaci within their droppings. The uric acid within their feces can also cause corrosive damage to buildings.

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Why Are There Pigeons on My Property?

In addition to their innate homing ability, pigeons often flock to a particular site or area due to several factors.

Trash or Pet Food

Industrial and commercial properties often have trash or garbage tossed or scattered throughout the landscape. Shops and buildings that cater to pets can also be an attraction if food is left outside.

Safe Areas

Pigeons are not exempt from the circle of life. They are often prey of crows, hawks, and seagulls. As flying is their only defence, they seek safe havens under eaves, on balconies, and roof ledges to evade their natural predators.


More local businesses are becoming environmentally conscious by growing vegetables, fruits, and flowering plants. They too can attract pigeons. Gardens are an endless source of food and can encourage pigeons to take up residence nearby.

Unscreened Gutters

The gutters of larger buildings offer a nesting place for various birds, especially pigeons. Without proper screening, these troughs will host leaves and pine needles for comfortable bedding as well as be a source of water and food with an invasion of insects.

Unclean Outdoor Space

Depending on the business, pigeons may be in abundance in parking lots and properties that offer food service. The same can be said for industrial spaces where outside dining areas such as picnic tables and benches are meant to promote healthy living.

What Is the Best Way to Scare Away Pigeons?

Pigeon removal can sound easier than it is. Loud noises, fake statues of predators, and other common methods often scare the pigeons away for a short period, but as mentioned above, they have a homing instinct and these ventures do not always have a permanent result.

To remove pigeons and discourage them from returning to a popular area, it takes the solutions offered by a professional bird removal service. Placing spiked fences, traps, and netting must be done effectively and strategically to reduce the population of pigeons.

One of the most proven methods of pigeon control is with the use of falconry. Falconry is the hunting of wild animals in their natural state and habitat by means of trained birds of prey.

Hiring a professional falconry service to humanely control the pigeon population on your commercial or industrial property encourages the pigeons to relocate to a safer environment. The pigeons soon learn that your property is no longer safe for them to nest or be in.

How Can I Get Rid of Pigeons Naturally from My Property?

To help control and remove pigeons naturally, the key is to make the area as unappealing to the birds as possible. There are a few steps you can take to promote their departure from your property.

Keep Your Area Clean

Regular inspection of the property to ensure that no litter, garbage, or other food sources are available can help deter the pigeons from returning. 

Don’t Feed the Bids

Never feed birds on your property. Many people feed birds thinking that they are helping wildlife, but in fact, it actually just entices more birds to the area.

Bird Wires 

Having bird wiring installed along the edges and roof of a structure can prevent pigeons from nesting or roosting.

Bird Spikes

For the more aggressive birds, consider having bird spikes installed by a professional along the building’s ledge, beams, and on top of the chimney.

Bird Netting 

Bird netting is another permanent option to discourage pigeons from nesting. Balconies, large awnings, and corner ledges can be hidden safe havens for the birds.

How Much Does It Cost to Remove Pigeons?

With the substantial damage and health risks of pigeons droppings, pigeon control services can be a priceless investment for any commercial or industrial business. That being said, pigeon removal costs are determined by the size of the targeted area, the number of pigeons to manage, and the particular control method(s) selected.

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