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If you’ve noticed an abundance of birds flocking to your balcony, not only can it be an eyesore, but it can also be a safety hazard for occupants, visitors, and nearby pedestrians. Before the problem gets any worse, talk to the team at Hawkeye Bird and Animal Control. We will assess your particular situation and provide you with effective pest bird control and removal solution options that meet your needs.

Why should I install Bird Netting on my Balcony?

While there are a number of different bird prevention measures available such as spikes, screening, wire, and other methods, Bird Netting ranks as one of the best solutions. Bird netting is a cost-effective and animal-friendly pest control measure that helps to prevent toxic fecal droppings, structural damage, and aggressive behaviour from our fine-feathered friends.

Keeping balconies clear of bird feces

Installing balcony bird netting in Mississauga and the surrounding areas can deter birds from creating nests and habitually flying around your property. Whether you are a condominium owner or a property manager, there are significant reasons to install bird netting. Here are just a few of them:

Humane Solution for Bird Exclusion

Bird netting is considered a top humane solution for excluding birds from commercial and multi-residential properties. For safety, only high-quality netting should be used as the purpose is to discourage birds from garages, canopies, balconies, eaves, and warehouses. Bird netting is used as a line of defense against nesting, not as a means of trapping and killing.

Will Not Block Light and Air

Having bird netting on a balcony will not diminish any light filtering onto the balcony or into the building itself. The weather-resistant material allows for sunlight and fresh air to continue to be enjoyed year-round. Properly installed, bird netting can be practically invisible to the aesthetics of the building.

Discourages Birds from Gaining Access

The key to bird netting is to prevent small and large bird species from accessing areas, particularly high-rise balconies, where they normally rest, eat, and nest to expand their own family. Having netting installed can deter birds from attempting to roost in the same location time and time again.

Blends In with Your Balcony

A variety of bird netting sizes are available in our signature black colour. Black is the highest quality netting you could use because there is no UVA/UVB light destruction. Black also blends into surrounding the best so that the netting is inconspicuous and doesn’t detract from the aesthetics of your building.

Cost-Effective Solution

In addition to bird netting being a humane prevention method, it is a cost-effective measure compared to other deterrents. With professional installation of a high-quality netting material, bird netting can last several years with little maintenance required. The investment can help you save money that you would normally spend cleaning up bird droppings, professionally removing the nests, and repairing damaged furnishings and structures.

Works Under Any Atmospheric Condition

Spring, summer, fall, and winter produces varying atmospheric conditions in Ontario. Torrential rainfall, extreme heat, sub-zero temperatures, and snow/ice storms are no match for a professionally installed bird netting that has the right material. Top-quality netting should not fade nor tear.

Where Else Can You Install Bird Nets

Bird control is not isolated to just balconies or high-rise buildings. Birds tend to roost and flock on bridges, docks, parking garages, warehouses, or anywhere they can seek shelter and warmth. Bird netting can be used for municipal buildings, airports, residential structures, commercial buildings, under bridges, near waterways, and in provincial parks.

What Should I Consider when Installing the Right Bird Net?

There are dozens of types of bird netting on the market designed for keeping different bird species from nesting on balconies. Most netting costs are based on the mesh size, durability of the material, and the visibility of the netting itself. The thickness of the mesh or rope should be at least four millimetres.

Sizing depends on the bird species it is targeting as areas with larger gulls and crows require a heavy-duty measurement of at least four inches. Medium-sized birds such as pigeons can be kept away with a mesh netting of two inches, while smaller birds only require ¾-inch to 1 1/8” netting.

What Types of Bird Netting Options Does Hawkeye Provide?

As a leading bird and animal control company, Hawkeye depends on two varieties of bird netting to help control the feathered population of gulls, pigeons, starling, and sparrows. For balconies, we use heavy-duty commercial grade netting 3/4” to 2”. For balconies that require long-term use, we offer a heavy-duty weighted netting, resistant to UV and water/ice.

The standard and heavy-weight netting provides visibility and easy installation with use of a steel cable to hold the netting in place.

Contact Hawkeye for Bird Netting in Mississauga and the GTA

Hawkeye Bird and Animal Control is a bird and animal control company that services residential, commercial, and industrial properties in the Greater Toronto Area. We manage pest birds, animals, and other nuisance wildlife, including seagull nest removal from commercial rooftops and other property areas. We also offer seagull control using birds of prey/falconry, netting, exclusion, and a variety of deterrent methods using sounds and visuals.

We will happily assess your situation, clean up the area, and install adequate netting measures to ensure you can once again enjoy your outdoor space. Need expert advice on how to get rid of pest birds from your property? Email us at [email protected] or call us at (416) 429-5393 or toll-free at 1-(855) 393-4295


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