June12 1Hoot has been with us just over 3 weeks now and we are happy to say she is adapting and growing quite nicely! She is gaining roughly 25-45 grams every 1-2 days and weighed in at 600 grams today.

She is now hopping 3-4 ft, and can jump 2 ft in height. Her feathers are coming in on her wings, and her wingspan is already around 3 ft. Hoot has started to get larger sources of food and is now using her feet to hold the pieces down while tearing them apart with her beak. 

She has been casting pellets that contain the bones and feathers from her food. She also ate her first wean rat, which she enjoyed completely whole instead of in tidbits as she was previously eating. 

Hoot is now in the 2nd stage of her feeding routine. We started out with only flesh (no bones), ground up, and are now at whole body animals (also ground up). Prep time is about 1 hour, and she eats 3 times a day. Eventually, we will move to feed small strips and finally graduate to whole animal feeding.


We are so happy about Hoot's improvements and we cannot wait for you to meet her! Don't forget our falconry experience opens up again on the weekend of June 20th and we would love for you to come visit all our miraculous birds of prey! Call 416 429 5393 today to reserve your spot!




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