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Record reporter Greg Mercer and I spent a couple hours with Bird Control Technician Julia Staines, her employer Dan Frankian from Hawkeye Bird and Animal Control and Honey, a Harris hawk trained for bird control at the Region of Waterloo landfill. It was a real education to spend time with this trio and observe Honey at work. She had the desired effect on the seagull population. Just the sight of Julia's truck approaching had them scattering and when Honey took flight the rest fled, flocking miles away. Seeing this raptor up close was a real treat. I have admired red tail hawks and their cousins in the hawk world for years. Something about their sharp vision, skilled dives and effortless soaring has always fascinated me. 




The above photos show Staines attaching a transmitter to Honey's leg just in case she flew off. The bird was then carried to her perch in the passenger seat of Julia's truck and transported to the active rubbish area of the landfill. Honey left the pick up perch to fly around the landfill perimeter fence to scare off seagulls as heavy equipment worked the pile of garbage in the background. After a successful flight Honey returned to Staines's arm...a job well done and a quail meat treat as reward.

David Bebee

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