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Dan Frankian of Hawkeye Bird & Animal Control Inc. was invited to put together a presentation at NPMA's Pest World 2014...

 Mr. Gene Harrington, NPMA's Vice President of Government Affairs, requested a presentation on  new and innovative bird control options and technologies. Below are some photos taken at the event.





On behalf of the National Pest Management Association, we wish to thank you for the invaluable contribution you made at PestWorld 2014!  The conference was a great success and a large part of that was due to our excellent slate of educational sessions and speakers.  We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from attendees and hope that you had a great experience as a speaker. 


We appreciate the time you took out of your busy schedule to join us and thank you for sharing your insights and expertise with our attendees. Your willingness to volunteer your time, energy and support on behalf of the National Pest Management Association is greatly appreciated.


Jim Fredericks, Ph.D.
Director of Technical Services 

Alexis Wirtz
Director of Meetings & Exhibits

Bennett Jordan, Ph.D.
Staff Entomologist

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