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What happens to Toronto's urban wildlife when the trapper is called

November 17, 2014 | 10:14 pm By Rosemary Westwood | Metro

When coyotes attack — as they have in recent weeks in Mississauga, dragging one Yorkshire terrier clean off its leash — Dan Frankian sometimes gets a call. “They come to me and say, ‘Could you euthanize them please?’” said Frankian.

Homeowners are legally allowed to trap on their property, but the local hardware store doesn’t sell the kind of trap you need to catch acoyote. So a professional is often needed, like Frankian. Frankian owns Hawkeye Bird and Animal Control Inc., which serves communities from Hamilton to Mississauga, Mount Hope, Scarborough, Brampton and Toronto — all places where he’s had calls come in for problem coyotes this year, 25 in total. He has 14 trappers spread across the region and when called to action. Their work is detailed and precise, he said.“The last thing I want to do is catch the neighbour’s dog when I’m going after a coyote,” Frankian said. The first step is a survey of the property. They look for what’s attracting the animal: shelter, water, food or a place to mate. Then, the real work begins. The trappers set up infrared cameras triggered by movement, heat or the presence of a coyote-sized animal, and use the images captured to plot its movements — picking out patterns to decide the right place to set a trap, and even the time of day or night the animal is likely to trigger it. Then, once the trap is set, they bait it.

Courtesy of Coy Wolf Inc. A coyote wolf is shown in this file photo.

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