Through communication, collaboration and cooperation, the Bird Strike Committee Canada (BSCC), also known as Birdstrike Canada, aims to be “the Canadian Voice of Wildlife Strike Prevention.” Developed in 2009, the BSCC is recognized by Transport Canada and run under the guidelines developed by the International Civil Aviation Association (ICAO). Their focus is to reduce the risks that bird strikes cause to Canadian aircraft. This group was formerly knowns as the Bird Strike Association of Canada. 

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The BSCC seeks and advances innovative ideas in aviation safety through open dialogue with the industry. Their mandate includes setting standards and addressing issues with effective strategies and implementing change through regulatory means.


The BSCC believes that traditional practices of simply counting bird strikes, is not productive or informative. In order to develop procedures to reduce the number of bird strikes, it is important that the species of birds are also identified. This way both size and flocking patterns can be taken into account to create ecological wildlife control plans. These plans serve as a reference when the BSCC contributes to the development of industry standards and regulations.

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Membership to the BSCC is open to both public and private organizations, as well as individuals. Their committee is comprised of airports, Aircraft Wildlife Hazard Managers, Wildlife Biologists, Airport Consultants, airlines, Air Traffic Controllers, pilot associations, wildlife hazard prevention equipment and technology providers, the Department of National Defense, Transport Canada, as well as aircraft owners and manufacturers. This diverse committee of volunteers allows the BSCC to achieve their mission to make use of and share expertise of the various members. By working collaboratively to promote the exchange of information, the BSCC are able to effectively reduce the number of bird strikes.


BSCC is building interaction on their online forums, developing a website that meets the needs of its members, providing an electronic library of related information, and sharing related news.


Hawkeye’s Owner, Dan Frankian, is a member of the BSCC and proudly supports their mission to help make the skies safe. 

To learn more please visit the Bird Strike Committee Canada website



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