Permanent Removal. Guaranteed.
Permanent Removal. Guaranteed.

Bird coil is an anti-perching system for bird control to deter Gulls, Pigeons, and other larger pest birds.

It is an elongated spring type coil system made of high grade stainless steel. Bird coil is a perfect fit for long narrow ledges, roof perimeters, and other architectural features on most buildings. Bird Coil physically prevents birds from landing. Gulls, pigeons and other birds prefer a more stable lading platform.

Pest Birds cannot get a good grip in a narrow wire and the coil moves under their weight. The springy and open nature of Bird Coil also prevents leaf and twig buildup between the coils thereby preventing birds large and small from nesting in the coils. Bird coil ledge protection is virtually invisible from 7 metres or more, but it is visible from up close. For this reason Bird Coil is not approved for use in Historical Society Buildings.

Ice and snow buildup on the coils can prevent the coils from moving and being able to deter birds in the cold winter months. Once the snow and ices melts the coils are back to their original springy bird deterrent nature.

Bird coil can be used on ledges as mentioned previously and can also be used on pipes, large signs, beams, any steel clad buildings where pigeons and/or gulls may be perching.

The installation is relatively simple. The stainless steel coil is attached to the target using heavy duty plastic clips that may be glued or screwed using stainless steel screws to the mounting surface. The coil can also be stapled to wood. If glue is used it needs to be an adhesive that is good for all weather and temperatures.

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