Tens of millions of dollars are caused every year by pest birds. Damages are caused to buildings, machinery, vehicles, roofs, ventilation and air conditioning systems and more. Bird droppings and nesting materials that are allowed to accumulate pose a serious threat if they are not immediately and properly corrected.


Damage to Roofs by Droppings

Bird droppings are very acidic and corrode various substrates and surfaces, especially tar-based roofing material. When bird droppings (feces) are allowed to accumulate on roofs, this corrosion will eventually cause costly leaks. The life expectancy of a warehouse roof is reduced by half when exposed to repeated, continuous bird droppings, even in small amounts.


Damage to Roofs by Nests 

When pigeon, starling and sparrow nests are built in rain gutters and areas of roofs where drains are located, rain and snow melt cannot drain. This can cause extensive damage and potentially roof collapse with as little as a few inches of rain.  A collapsed roof is a major threat to the equipment, prouducts and most of, the people, inside the building.


Damage to Machinery 

Acidic bird droppings damage air conditioning equipment, rooftop systems and equipment, industrial machinery, siding, insulation etc. In additional to this damage, workers are exposed to a dangerous health-risks when working on or around the around the machinery.


Fires Started by Bird Nests 

Nesting materials are made up of highly flammable materials such as straw, twigs and dried droppings. Nests built on or near electrical equipment or other machinery pose serious fire risk. Many electric sign fires are blamed on bird nests.


Ventilation Systems Blocked by Bird Nests 

Bird nests built on or near chimneys and ventilation systems will spread diseases through the system and block airflow. People have been killed by carbon monoxide poisoning because exhaust systems were blocked by bird nests.


Automobile Finishes Damaged by Bird Droppings 

Automobile protective coating and the paint itself fade and begin to corrode when exposed to bird droppings, especially from gulls and pigeons. The longer the droppings sit on the paint, and the more often it lands on the car, the more damage it will do.


Damage to Food and Other Products by Bird Droppings 

Birds can wreak havoc when flying around inside warehouses, convention centres, large retail stores, airplane hangars and factories. Their droppings ruin plastics as they are being molded, they destroy a number of chemicals and liquids which as they are being manufactured, they ruin new and old paint jobs on aircraft, and they can contaminate food which is being made, packaged or sold. These damages cost millions of dollars in waste, and money.


Damage to Company Image by Bird Droppings 

Droppings and nesting materials on or around buildings suggest that the building is not cared for or properly maintained. This can influence the public's perception of a company, and their willingness to business there. This is particularly important with food based businesses such as restaurants or food manufacturers.


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