Exclusion is the first step to prevent animals like raccoons, skunks and squirrels from causing damage to your home or business.

Below are some tips to protect yourself from having animals move into your attic, under your deck and other destructive and potentially hazardous situations.


Check for overhanging tree limbs
Always check trees near the house or structure for overhanging limbs and cut them back, if necessary. Overhanging tree limbs are a major pathway for small animals such as squirrels, chipmunks and raccoons to reach attics and chimneys, favorite nesting places for many species.


Remove Unused TV Antenna Towers
TV antenna towers provide easy access to roofs and attics. To prevent animals such as raccoons and squirrels from access, any unused towers should be removed. If the tower is still in use, a metal shield should be installed over the attic.


Roof checking
Check the chimney, attic vents, and the structure. If the chimney is not capped,
screen it with one-half inch mesh hardware cloth, or cover it with a commercial cap. You will need a heavy duty metal cap that cannot be pryed off by animals.

Also check the area for loose roof vents, rotten or loose soffits, loose shingles and have them repaired immediately, if not, you may end up with unwanted guests!


Block Small Holes
In general, all holes and openings larger than one-quarter inch should be blocked or screened with building materials resistant to gnawing or prying, such as galvanized sheet metal. If you find an existing hole, extend a metal patch six inches beyond it in all directions to prevent squirrels from gnawing around the patch. Seal all weak spots or potential entrances.


Look for Den/Nesting Sites
Examine the ground for areas appealing to skunks and raccoons. Skunks like den sites such as wood piles, rock piles, elevated sheds, openings under concrete slabs and porches, and crawl spaces under houses. Raccoons will nest in storm sewers, crawl spaces, and brush piles, as well as in attics, chimneys, and tree cavities.


Garbage Bins

Garbage is a major draw for animal wildlife
A major attraction for wildlife is unsecured garbage. Raccoons, especially are very strong and patient and will get into any type of garbage can that is not securely latched or placed in a building. They will move a cinder block off the top of a can. If you cannot store your garbage cans inside a garage or shed, try to use enclosures such as shown here or use metal cans, and secure the lids with locks, straps, or tie downs.



Exclusion of Deck, stairs, fences, walls
This animal proofing system is often attached to foundation, deck, porch, or installed as a free-standing barrier around a garden area. they are effective against a variety of animals including skunks, woodchucks, raccoons, squirrels, and rats.

Welded Wire Mesh Barriers are Metal that should be galvanized and or aluminum 1/2/, 1/2" , for rats and up to 1'x1" for larger animal such as raccoons. If you are trying to do both get 1x1" and stagger the fencing so you have two plies over each other and have double strength and it will stop all size of animals.


Exclusion Of Deck

The top of the fence is attached to a structure. The bottom is buried 6 inches  minimum and up to 12 inches deep. Notice that it's bent at a 90 degree angle,  forming the letter "L". This shelf helps stop animals from digging under the fence. The shelf should stick out 6 inches minimum and up to 12 inches.


Page Summary: Animal Wildlife Exclusion: Preventing Raccoons, Skunks, Squirrels and other animals from entering your home or property.




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