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pest bird control: doveMourning doves are a long, slim, gray-brown bird with a small head and long pointed tail. The dove's crown, nape, and hindneck are slate in color, turning grayish, brown over the rest of the upperparts.

The dove is the most widely hunted game bird and derives its name from the cooing sound it makes. It is the largest breed of dove in North America and in warmer climates may produce up to six broods a year making it one of the most prolific native species. Flocks form year round except in breeding season when the birds pair off.

Dove Control 

Live trapping and exclusion by using either heavy duty netting or hardwear cloth so birds may not use the area for nesting or perching. Nest removal is also an option in ensuring the birds re-locate as well as using birds of prey, and pyrotechnics.

Dove Damage 

These birds can cause similar problems as pigeons as they will nest in public structures, underground parking lots, and residential buildings creating the same unsanitary conditions and damage to property. As they are seed and grain feeders they can cause substantial damage to agricultural crops.



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