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Pest Bird Control DucksDucks belong to the sub family Anatinae. Not only is this grouping the largest group of waterfowl it is also the most diverse. The characteristics generally held in common by ducks when compared to geese and swans are the small body size, shorter necks, narrower wings which are more pointed, and wing beats which are more rapid.

Frequently the males and females are colored differently with the male having the brighter plumage of the two. There are two body molts per molting cycle. The most significant is the eclipse which is the cycle that takes place during the end of the breeding season that results in males and females looking almost identical. Another characteristic is the speculum which is produced by the bright metallic feathering of the secondary feathers. There are also voice differences between the male and the female. The female incubates and rears the young.

Duck Control 

Nest removalNest removal and physical relocation of babies and mother, falconry, dogs, pyrotechnics, and exclusion netting can be used to control ducks.

Duck Damage

Nesting debris in backyards and contamination of pools and ponds.


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