Be A Falconer For A Day

Experience the Extraordinary

Fly a Bird of Prey for yourself in one of our Falconry Workshops. We have over 20 birds of prey, also known as raptors at our 10-acre facility. 
Group Rates available on Request.

One of our experienced falconers will teach you what it͛'s like to train and work with these magnificent birds.

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3 Hour

$550 $200
Limited Time Offer

2 Hour

$425 $150
Limited Time Offer

1 Hour

$300 $100
Limited Time Offer

Arrival at Hawkeye, set up for presentation   X X  
Birds of Prey (Peregrine Falcon, Eagle, Harris Hawk and Owl) are brought out   X  
Learn about each bird, their anatomy, hunting techniques    
Opportunity to handle a bird (dependent on bird temperament)        
Q & A   X X X
Tour the Bird Run/Aviary   X X X
Handle the birds, familiarize with Harris Hawk   X Time depentent  
Flight Demonstration    X Time depentent  
Each participant flies a bird of prey/calls the bird and walks the property   X X  X



A great gift or bucket list item!

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Hawkeye Falconry Experience