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With raccoon removal in Toronto, it is best to leave it to the professionals! Those cute, furry little “rascals” are interesting to watch but only from a safe distance. Raccoons that reside under patios, in garages, and near public areas are still considered wild animals and should be treated as such. They can quickly become accustomed to people and domestic pets but are by no means domesticated themselves.

If you notice raccoons on your property, your best option is to hire a professional wildlife trapping service to remove them safely and permanently from your home, business, and property. Don’t attempt to remove them yourself!

Below are seven reasons why you should hire a professional raccoon removal company.

  1. Raccoons Could Be Infected with Rabies 

First, it should be known that raccoons are notorious for carrying various diseases, including rabies. Confronting or handling a raccoon without the proper equipment and PPE increases your risk or becoming infected with ringworm, salmonella bacteria, and the rabies disease.

Once rabies enters the human central nervous system, it can cause mild symptoms of insomnia and hallucinations which can last up to 10 days. Without proper treatment, rabies can cause inflammation of the spinal cord and brain stem, which is fatal.

  1. You Could Get Bitten and Scratched

It's best to leave raccoon removal to the professionals, as these critters are very strong and can become aggressive when cornered or threatened. Even if you think you know what you're doing, it's possible for an untrained person to get bitten or scratched, either from the animal itself or from sharp items in an attic or other space.

As with any wild animal, when a raccoon is cornered or feels threatened, it will attack in defence. This can happen unprovoked if the raccoon has kits nearby.

  1. You Do Not Have the Proper Knowledge 

Knowledge is power and this is no more evident than with dealing with raccoons or other wildlife. Having a professional animal trapping service handle the situation will increase the chances of a successful entrapment.

Raccoons are smart and will not be attracted to just any type of bait, even when hungry. The type of bait is just as important as the location of the trap. Most city-dwelling raccoons have become accustomed to avoiding certain traps and only a reputable wildlife removal service will know how to successfully capture the raccoon.

  1. You Do Not Have the Right Trapping Equipment 

In terms of the trap itself, there are many options on the market. As with most publicly sold products and traps for animals, a raccoon trap needs to be specific. Using the wrong type of trap can cause injury or inhumane death to the creature. It is also illegal. The province is very specific on which type of trap may be used for what animal you are trapping.

A wildlife removal team will have the proper equipment to safely remove the raccoon and take steps to prevent the animal from returning again. It should also be noted that in Ontario, there are laws and regulations regarding trapping and removal of wildlife from a property.

  1. You Can’t Legally Trap and Relocate the Raccoon without a License

Whether you live in the city or on a rural property of 10 acres, in accordance with the Ministry of Natural Resources, Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act, it is illegal across Ontario to trap and relocate a raccoon without a proper license.

The legal license can only be obtained by completing an extensive course and operating under the guidelines of the Ontario Fur Managers Federation. In addition, you cannot relocate an animal more than one kilometre from where it was trapped, regardless of licensing.

  1. DIY Methods Provide Short-Term Options 

Aside from the safety and legal aspects, tactics of DIY raccoon removal only provide a short-term solution. Raccoons will continue to visit and possibly set up a home on properties that have the best resources, such as water, food, and shelter. They are omnivores in which they eat animals and plants. This can include small rodents, small birds, insects, fish, and, of course, compost and garbage from leftover food.

Installing fencing, fake predator statues, and loud noise systems may work at the beginning, but likely, the raccoon(s) will quickly become accustomed to it and return. They can actually learn to climb the fence.

  1. DIY Methods Are Expensive 

Although hiring a professional raccoon removal company may seem like an expense, DIY methods can be more expensive in the long run if you consider the damage that a raccoon can do and the additional costs of fixing these damages.

Hiring professionals ensures that they have the experience and knowledge needed to remove the raccoon while safely and effectively avoiding any further damage to your home.

Why Should You Hire Hawkeye for Raccoon Removal in Toronto?

Hawkeye Bird & Animal Control Inc. offers permanent solutions with guaranteed result when it comes to raccoon removal in Toronto. Our highly trained team will inspect the property and structures to determine the best solution for each particular situation. Our goal is for a humane removal of raccoons and other wildlife.

As a premier raccoon removal service in Toronto and the GTA, Hawkeye Bird & Animal Control is the only pest bird and animal/wildlife control company in Canada designated "Certified Wildlife Control Professional". We also hold the following licenses: Trapping of Fur Bearing Animals Permit, Falconry Permit, and Pest Control License.

Contact Hawkeye for Raccoon Removal in Toronto (Add Heading Tag 2)

At Hawkeye Bird & Animal Control, we offer a 24-hour emergency phone line as wildlife control has no boundaries or timeline. Contact us today at (416) 429-5393. We guarantee results through our permanent solutions in Toronto, the GTA, and the Golden Horseshoe Area.


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