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Preventive raccoon control begins with you. Look past the cute little faces and remember that raccoons can bring potential damage and health risks to you and your family. Next time you notice these pests nesting on your property or trying to make their way into your home, contact a reliable raccoon control company in Toronto, such as Hawkeye Bird and Animal Control to prevent the situation from getting out of hand.
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Benefits of Preventive Raccoon Control

There are many steps you can take to ensure the safety of your family and pets, as well as protect your property from damage. Consider these preventive measures.

Avoid Damage to Your Property 

From drywall to wires, raccoons can claw and chew their way through most materials found in and around the structure. They can remove roofing and vinyl siding to gain access to a building. Once inside, a raccoon will use insulation and fabric materials to build a cozy nest. Yards are also no match for the critters as they will destroy a garden and lawn to obtain food, such as vegetables or insects. By taking preventative measures, you can reduce the risk of having to make costly repairs to your home and garden.

Health and Safety Concerns

Taking raccoon control methods now can protect people from the risk of becoming infected by disease. Aside from receiving a scratch or bite from a rabid raccoon, you are at risk of roundworm, giardiasis, and salmonellosis, among others. As with all wildlife, raccoons are territorial and will attack if they feel threatened. If any pets or humans get too close, they will lash out and become defensive by biting and scratching. Learn what to do or not to do when an encounter with a raccoon cannot be avoided »

Maintain a Comfortable Living Environment 

When raccoons settle into a home, there can be a great deal of noise erupting as they move throughout the attic or destroy the walls. Raccoons will also growl, hiss, and whimper loudly. Due to their wide options of diet, raccoons can cause unpleasant odours in many different ways, including their urine and feces.

Methods of Preventive Raccoon Control 

Raccoon control begins with taking preventative measures to deter the critters from staying or returning to the property. The three main attractions for raccoons are food, water, and shelter. Here are some tips to deter raccoons from visiting your property:

  • Secure Trash Cans: Food is the number one attraction for all wildlife, especially raccoons. Ensuring all trash cans are secured can help. Use bungee cords, cinder blocks, or a specialized garbage can lock to stop the raccoons from emptying the trash.
  • Remove Pet Food from Outside: It is highly recommended to remove all pet food sources, including bowls of water from the exterior of your home. This often attracts raccoons and other wildlife to your property because it’s a free source of food!
  • Remove Food Sources: Raccoons will accept all food sources including bird feeders and compost piles. If you have fruit trees on your property, you should monitor the ground for fallen fruit which attracts critters like raccoons.
  • Close Off Entry Points: Entry points to your home extend beyond the front, back, or side doors as well as windows. Securing dark entry points under your porch, crawl space, or nearby tree roots above the ground will prevent raccoons from finding their new home. 
  • Seal Holes and Gaps in Your Home: Check around the property to ensure there are no holes or gaps in any of the structures. Raccoons search year-round for a resting or nesting space, including inside busy homes. These can be found with chimney tops, pet doors, vents, and even tiny openings which can be easily enlarged with racoon claws.
  • Install Barriers Around Gardens: As vegetable gardens are a buffet to raccoons, it is important to ensure security measures are installed in and around the garden Raccoon are smart creatures that can manipulate basic defence mechanisms such as flimsy fences and netting.
  • Hire Professionals: Raccoon removal involves a high risk of danger, regardless of whether the animal is rabid or not. Hiring a professional trapper to capture and remove raccoons without harm to themselves, others, and to the animal takes knowledge and precision.

Hawkeye’s Preventive Raccoon Control Methods

Hawkeye Bird and Animal Control is the only pest bird and animal/wildlife control company in Canada to be designated "Certified Wildlife Control Professional" AND hold the following licenses: Trapping of Fur Bearing Animals Permit, Falconry Permit, and Pest Control License. This allows us to employ control methods in addition to relocation of captured raccoons.

Benefits of Using Hawkeye Bird Control for Raccoon Prevention

Hawkeye Bird and Animal Control offers professional service with permanent results. We employ safe and effective methods to protect the general public and homeowners.

  • Humane Methods of Control: Our highly trained team will inspect the property and structures to determine the best solution for each particular situation. Our goal is for a humane removal of raccoons and other wildlife.
  • Eco-Friendly Approach: We believe in supporting all eco-friendly approaches with any form of wildlife, including raccoons. This can include controlled trapping, securing properties, and removal of live animals.
  • Expertise and Experience: For more than 30 years, our specialists have been providing bird and animal control to residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Each member of our team has extensive training in all control, trapping, and removal methods.

Contact Hawkeye Bird and Animal Control for Preventive Raccoon Control in Toronto 

Choose Hawkeye for raccoon removal. All team members at Hawkeye Bird and Animal Control are highly qualified and knowledgeable in the management of pest control, including raccoon control methods. Call us today at (416) 429-5393 to have onsite investigation by our team.



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