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UPDATE Sep 1, 2022

Unfortunately, additional attacks are being reported in the City of Burlington. These attacks are uncharacteristic of coyotes and this cluster of attacks on humans are the first reported in Burlington.

Hawkeye will  return and continue to assist, dealing with the animal(s) directly. Meanwhile, city staff are in contact with owners of a property which seems to contain a coyote den. Efforts are made to clear out vegetation and fallen trees to dissuade the animals from continuing to use this site as a denning area. Residents are offered 'Coyote Whistles' until the crisis is resolved. More information here »


coyote attacks burlington

On August 24th, 2022, Hawkeye was called to the City of Burlington after a third report of an unprovoked attack on human life in recent days.


Thanks to Animal Services staff, who played a key role in tracking the coyote identified as being responsible for all three attacks. The attacks resulted in injuries to a toddler in a fenced yard, and adult female, and an 18 year old female in open spaces. Two of the incidents occurred during the day; the last incident was reported to have happened during the evening of August 23rd. All victims received medical treatment and have been released from hospital.

While there have been some coyote sightings in the past, this is the first time that the city of Burlington had to deal with reported attacks. And, although attacks are rare, the city approved and implemented a Coyote Response Strategy in 2015. The document outlines guidelines on preventing and managing conflicts with coyotes, including escalation in relation to the severity of the incident(s).

coyote attacks burlington


Burlington residents are also encouraged to report sightings or encounters online or by calling 905-335-3030.

It is of utmost importance to refrain from feeding coyotes – be it intentional or accidental. Hand feeding and ground feeding wildlife on private or public property is prohibited by the city’s Lot Maintenance Bylaw(59-2018) and is subject to a $300 fine.

In the rare event of a coyote attacking pets or humans, Hawkeye Bird & Animal Control (the only Certified Wildlife Professional in Canada) is here to safely and humanely remove the animal. If you do encounter a coyote, please contact your municipality and do not approach.



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