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Have you ever watched a squirrel in action, zipping along your fence with the agility of a circus performer?

It might be fascinating to watch, but when squirrels use your fence as their personal highway, it can lead to a lot of problems for your property. Let’s dive into why squirrels might choose your fence as their favorite pathway, what deeper mischief they can cause, and how to stop squirrels from running on your fence.blog keep squirrels off fence

Understanding Squirrel Behavior

Why Squirrels Run on Fences

Squirrels are naturally curious and incredibly agile creatures. They love to explore and are always on the lookout for food or a safe place to build their nests.

For them, your fence offers a convenient raised path that connects these resources while keeping them safe from ground predators like dogs and cats.

Fences also give squirrels a great vantage point to look out for danger and to keep an eye on their territory. This high lookout lets them spot yummy treats and any sneaky predators before they get too close.

When you see a squirrel scampering along your fence, remember, they’re not just having fun—they’re on a serious mission!

The Impact of Squirrels on Your Property

Structural Damage

You might not be unfamiliar with the idea that squirrels can be troublemakers when it comes to the condition of fences.

They often chew on wooden fences, which looks bad and weakens their structure over time. They might even create small holes to stash their food, which can cause bigger structural issues down the road.

To stay in-the-know about how to stop squirrels from running on fence, it’s a good idea to regularly walk along your fence and check for any signs of damage. Look for gnaw marks or small holes.

Strengthening your fence with tougher materials or applying a taste deterrent may be able to help keep those little gnawers at bay.

Garden and Plant Damage

If you love gardening, watching a squirrel dig up your beautifully tended plants can certainly feel heartbreaking!

A clean and well-maintained garden is less likely to become a squirrel's lunch buffet, and netting or small cages around the garden could help prevent them from invading your garden.

Roof and Gutter Damage

Squirrels running along your fence might decide to take a detour to your roof. There, they can cause more damage, like blocking your gutters with the materials they gather for their nests, which can lead to water damage in your home. Or, worse - they may decide to peel back your shingles and take up residence in your attic. Damage here can range from displaced insulation to electrical issues, creating a fire hazard.

Contamination and Health Risks

Squirrels can leave droppings and nesting materials that may carry harmful germs and parasites. These can include fleas, ticks, mites, and parasites and diseases.

Cleaning up their leftovers is one of the most important ways to minimize you and your family’s exposure to these parasites. Wear gloves, a mask, and triple bag any droppings you may see from them. Otherwise, call up an animal control specialist to do the dirty work for you.

How to Stop Squirrels From Running on Fence

Now that we understand why squirrels might find your fence so appealing, let's talk about how you can discourage them from turning it into their personal playground.

Physical Barriers and Modifications

One effective way to stop squirrels from running on your fence is to make it harder for them to climb. You can do this by adding some modifications:

  • Install smooth, slippery covers on your fences. These covers make it difficult for squirrels to get a good grip, which discourages them from using the fence as a route. This can also help prevent squirrel nuts caught in fence.
  • Add fence toppers that curve outward. Toppers or fence spikes for squirrels extend over the top of the fence at an angle, making it tricky for squirrels to climb over.
  • Install roller bars or spinning devices atop fences. These squirrel fence options roll or spin under the squirrel’s weight, making it almost impossible for them to hold on.
  • Maintain your fence properly. A well-maintained fence with fewer entry points and no easy handholds can be a deterrent on its own.
  • Installing an electric fence for squirrels. This could be an immediate solution of getting squirrels off your fence, but might get expensive if you have a lot of fencing to handle. Consider a solar powered electric fencing unit.

Repellents and Scare Tactics (These Don’t Work!)

  • Ultrasonic repellents and predator urine. Despite their popularity, there’s little evidence to support the long-term effectiveness of these methods. Squirrels often get used to the sounds or smells and continue their activities.
  • Visual and auditory deterrents. These might work for a day or two, but squirrels are smart and will soon realize they're a decoy and will work around them.

Creating a Less Attractive Environment

Making your yard less enticing is a great way to keep squirrels away.

  • Remove food sources. Bird feeders and fallen fruits or nuts can attract squirrels. Consider removing these or finding ways to make them less accessible to squirrels.
  • Secure your garbage and compost bins. Make sure that lids are tight and bins are not easily tipped over. This helps prevent squirrels from seeing your trash as a food source.
  • Trim tree branches near the fence. Overhanging branches can provide easy access to your fence. Keeping trees trimmed back can remove this bridge to your fence.

When to Call in a Professional: Hawkeye’s Here to Help!

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, squirrels can be stubborn guests who refuse to take a hint! If you've tried all the DIY methods and still find squirrels prancing happily along your fence, it might be time to call in the pros.

Here’s how to know when you need expert help and what to expect when you call Hawkeye.

Calling in a professional like Hawkeye offers several benefits:

  • Expert assessment. Professionals can assess the situation thoroughly, identifying the root causes and determining the most effective solutions.
  • Tailored solutions. Every property is unique, and what works for one might not work for another. Professionals can provide customized solutions that fit the specific challenges of your property.
  • Long-term effectiveness. Professional solutions are designed to be more durable and effective, ensuring that your squirrel problems don’t return.

Haweye is the only pest bird and animal/wildlife control company in Canada who is a Certified Wildlife Control Professional. We use the latest technology (and none of the old, ineffective methods) to humanely get rid of unwanted pests and animals in your property.

With a team who knows the behavior of squirrels, we can apply this knowledge to create effective deterrents and barriers so your fence is squirrel-free. Contact us today!


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