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If you're dealing with pesky pigeons invading your property, it's important to understand the difference between pigeon control and pigeon removal. While they may sound similar, the two solutions have different approaches and outcomes.

Pigeon control focuses on preventing pigeons from entering and settling in a certain area, while pigeon removal involves permanently removing the birds from the area. Depending on the severity of the pigeon problem and your desired outcome, one solution may be more appropriate than the other. Keep reading to find out which solution is right for you.

The difference between Pigeon Control and Pigeon Removal

Understanding Pigeon Behaviour and Habits

Understanding pigeon behaviour and habits is important when it comes to pigeon control in Toronto. Pigeons are attracted to urban areas due to the abundance of food and shelter, but their behaviour and habits can quickly make them a nuisance. Specifically, pigeon poop can corrode buildings and fixtures, as well as carry diseases.

Known as homing birds, pigeons nest in flocks and usually choose one place to roost for their lifetime. Pigeons have a “built-in” compass that serves as their navigation beacon regardless of the distance they travel. One study claims that pigeons, like many birds, have an ability to use infrasound to “map” their navigation route.

Unfortunately, their homing instincts can make it difficult to remove pigeons once they have made a home in a particular area. This can lead to infestations that cause potential health risks, as well as property damage caused by pigeons.

Pigeon Control Methods

Pigeon control in Toronto refers to using a variety of methods to deter the nesting and roosting of pigeons on a property. Popular commercial pigeon deterrents include ledge control systems, such as coils, bird spikes, netting, or bird wire. While some property owners opt for repellents and fake birds of prey statues, these have been proven unsuccessful at deterring pigeons.

There is no single solution that works for all situations, and the most effective approach to pigeon control involves using various methods. For buildings with multiple levels, it may be necessary to have a physical barrier. At Hawkeye Bird and Animal Control, we can install netting on balconies (and clean/disinfect them), as well as implement various pigeon deterrents and ledge protection systems. All of these techniques are designed to discourage pigeons from roosting and nesting in the area by making it unattractive, inappropriate, or unsafe for them.

Pigeon Removal Methods 

For effective and safe pigeon removal in Toronto, it is recommended to hire a professional pigeon trapper. Trapping pigeons is a preferred humane method to control and remove the bird population from a property.

Live trapping is the only method that physically removes pigeons, prevents nesting, and avoids having pigeons imprint on your property. Other pigeon control or removal systems merely transfer pigeons from one location to another, which doesn't solve the problem.

Alternately, falconry is a safe and effective way of permanently removing pigeons from a property. Falconry is quick, permanent, and benevolent because it uses the natural response of the pest bird and bird of prey to control the local population of pigeons. Pigeons are scared away, for good, because of the threat of the birds of prey. At Hawkeye Bird and Animal Control, we use falconry (hawks, eagles, and owls) as one of our natural and humane ways to control behavioural patterns in pigeons.

Using birds of prey, however, is reserved for areas within large industrial settings such as warehouses, hangers, and factories.

Hawkeye Has the Best Pigeon Trapping Solutions

When it comes to permanent pigeon removal in Toronto, Hawkeye Bird and Animal Control employs special patented pigeon traps. This design was created by Hawkeye based on years of studying the behaviour of pigeons and from extensive experience in trapping the birds. We also use cultivated pigeon pheromones to attract the birds.

Our three types of pigeon traps include a small device designed for rooftops of homes and localized small areas. This will hold up to 10 pigeons at one time. For medium-sized areas, we use a larger trap that will contain up 50 pigeons. Within cities and industrial parks and areas with an excessive pigeon population, our largest traps that holds 200 pigeons is best suited. 

Choosing the Right Solution for Your Property

If you have a pigeon infestation on your property, is crucial to know the difference between pigeon control vs. pigeon removal and choose the right solution that fits the specific needs of your property. As the location and size of the property, and the pigeon population dictates the best choice, hiring a professional is essential. Only professionals have the skills to eliminate the birds, associated health hazards and remove pigeon nests from your property for good.

Hire Hawkeye to Get Rid of Pigeons from Your Property

With a thorough onsite assessment, Hawkeye Bird and Animal Control can safely and effectively remove all pigeon nests from your property, as well as implement proven solutions to prevent the birds from returning.

We have been offering premium pigeon control and removal services in Toronto and the surrounding areas for more than 35 years. All of our pigeon removal experts are thoroughly trained and have a great deal of experience in handling pest birds professionally.

We are Canada’s only pest bird and animal/wildlife control company designated "Certified Wildlife Control Professional” and holding the following licenses: Trapping of Fur Bearing Animals, Commercial Falconry Permit, Ontario Pest Control License, and Shooting in Sensitive Environments.

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