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Pigeon Live Trapping

Live pigeon trapping - The Hawkeye advantage:

In the past 2 decades Hawkeye Bird & Animal Control has managed to physically remove entire flocks from major cities, such as Toronto, towns, industries, factories, corporate business, malls from just about anywhere with great satisfaction for both the client and Hawkeye.


Live pigeon traps are usually serviced weekly or more often as necessary There usually is an automatic watering system and feed as well as a pheromone to attract the pigeons imbedded into the trap.

There usually are three sizes that we carry. A small Pigeon trap that usually fits on top of a residential family roof top or inside a small area of concern that holds up to 10 pigeons.


A regular size pigeon trap same as above but holds up to 50 pigeons for flocks of up to a couple hundred and or with multiples of pigeon traps within the same site depending on flock size. A large size pigeon trap that can hold hundreds. This large pigeon trap is used for towns and cities or Business Improvement Areas (B.I.A.) of several cities. Once a good location is yielding large number of pigeons per week with a regular pigeon trap it is usually customary to install on of these large size traps. 


Relocation/homing instinct:
You might think that relocation follows live pigeon trapping. It can be if it is done properly but it rarely if ever is.


The homing instinct on pigeons is so high and legendary (was used in the middle ages and in WWII to send messages) that pigeons usually go back to the same place that they call home therefore the ones you have are the ones you have forever. There have been many studies on how they home and how to change the system to another location.


Because of the strong homing instinct, relocation usually fails due to untrained personnel releasing pigeons after they have been trapped. This often results in the client paying for pigeons being trapped over and over and devalues an otherwise extremely effective system.


Each year we see several injured birds of prey that we receive from SPCA's and Shelters as well as other agencies to rehabilitate and mend. Since birds of prey naturally eat pigeons, we feel that feeding part or all of the caught pigeons to the birds of prey is a natural extension of what happens in the wild already. Nature back to Nature.


Pigeon Live Trapping Method Advantages:

  • Pigeon live trapping is The only true method that Physically removes pigeons & Prevents nesting & imprinting to your property. Nothing else has worked this well;
  • Most Pigeon control or removal systems move the Pigeons from spot A to B - this does not;
  • If you remove the pigeon it is one less pigeon poop machine therefore less waste and less to see and make a mess;
  • If live trapping is done in a proper manner it is humane and therefore does not confilict with SPCA's; 


Pigeon Live Trapping Disadvantages:

  • Usually 30 pigeons may be removed in about 2 months if everything is the way it is supposed to be. This, for some people is slow process.
  • For clients such as airlines, airports, or anyone with health and safety issues, or clients with pigeons flying inside their facilities and setting off alarms, birds of prey, shooting or capture netting might be a better system.



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