Hoot is standing very steady now and jumping 2-3 ft up onto boxes. She consumes about 3-4 rats or about 1 full quail per day and weighs 820 grams now and her beak is getting stronger every day. Her feathers continue to come in nicely and, according to Dan Frankian, the down on top of her head is the softest he has ever felt.

She LOVES water and has now taken her first bath. Her curiosity and sense of adventure is growing and she is now exploring trees. She is quite comfortable with Hawkeye's dogs - she truly is a magnificent and gentle creature. Swallows do NOT like her, though... they swoop at her.

Hoot is comfortable in the car - she is under 24 hour care and goes wherever her caretakers go.

Check her out on our YouTube channel - we are adding new videos all the time. And, just for good measure... here are a couple of new still shots:


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