Toronto's New Raccoon Proof Green Bin

Most residents in the city of Toronto experience issues with Raccoons, from trying to make homes in peoples attics, tipping over garbage cans, leaving food scraps and other debris in people's yards, leaving toxic fecis in yards or on porches and, of course, getting into green bins.


The smell of rotting food is enough to bring on the masses and, we arent just talking about raccoons. Toronto just began the roll-out of its new locking green bin which is supposed to keep the critters out. But, just a few days after it was rolled out in Scarborough, already pictures of chewed up green bins have gone viral. It seems as though that it is not just the raccoons who fight for bits of food scraps, but actually squirrels. Squirrels are another common pest animal that cause significant damage to homes, attics, roofs, gardens, plants, porches, decks and seem to not be deterred by a plastic bin.


So, it seems residents of Toronto will continue the fight against pest animals and wildlife in the city jungle. Call Hawkeye Bird and Animal Control for your free assessment on your pest problem. We have been in business for over 25 years and service residential, commercial and industrial properties. Our licences allow us to guarantee permanent results and humanely euthanize, if necessary.



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