Any coastal community is inevitably plagued by seagulls. Florida's beaches, marinas and tourist attractions are no exception. Mid and high rise buildings such as hotels and condominiums with plenty of ledges and balconies provide ideal perches and nesting sites for pest birds. Well meaning humans feeding birds and/or insufficient, careless or inappropriate waste disposal add to the problem.

Aside from bird feces being unsightly, it also carries risks of disease or injury to humans, as well as significant potential damage to structures in the long term. The reputation and eventually the value of your property may be diminished by a long term bird infestation. The sooner we can deal with your seagull or other pest bird issue, the better.

Effective control measures include Ledge Protection Systems, Netting, Birds of Prey, and more. Call our West Palm Beach office at +1 833.833.4295 today to discuss your particular situation and help you devise a successful, long term bird management strategy. 


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