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raccoon rabies control

The rabies outbreak in Hamilton won't be ending any time soon. Hamilton's Associate Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Jessica Hopkins, has said that it will take three to five years for the vaccinations to effectively work their way through the population to control the current rabies outbreak. 

The vaccinations for wildlife are delivered through a bait program run by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry. They have a successful history of controlling past rabies outbreaks, but it is not a quick fix.

Hamilton area residents should remain vigilant about their safety during the rabies outbreak. Stay clear of wild or unknown animals (including stray cats and dogs) and seek medical attention immediately if you come in contact with a wild or stray animal, or if you are scratched or bitten by someone's pet. Do NOT wait until the symptoms of rabies to appear, once they do, its too late. There is no cure, and death occurs in almost 100% of cases.

Remember to keep pets up to date with vaccinations and don't let them roam free.

If you are concerned about wildlife in or around your home, you can contact us for safe and permanent removal of raccoons, skunks and other carriers of the rabies virus. Your safety is our top concern.

rabies map

Rabies Map of Ontario - February 8th, 2017 OMNRF

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