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Conflicts with problem birds and/or animal wildlife in the manufacturing and industrial sector present a variety of issues. Hawkeye continues to provide long-term control solutions for both large and small scale companies, including repellents, barriers, removal, and more.



Problems Encountered:

Bird and/or animal defecation contaminating the manufacturing process;Air contamination presenting a health and safety concern for employees;Electrical shortages due to bird and/or animal nesting, resulting in downtime;Birds and/or wildlife nesting in ventilation units are a major concern, especially in dust free zones;Birds and wildlife setting off motion alarm systems;Lost time with shut down of factories.



Hawkeye Manufacturing and Industry Solutions:

After a free inspection of your facility we will provide a long-term cost effective bird and animal/wildlife solution including education and prevention measures.





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In Ontario, Hawkeye offers Bird control, Animal control, Wildlife removal services and products in: