Hawkeye offers trained birds of prey in these families:


For the purpose of movies they are the best of the bunch. They hunt and move with no regard to explosions, fire, other animals, or other severe distractions. They also have an added advantage some of our hawks have twins that look identical on film and some that may fly together, as the script requires.

Hawks usually go from A-B locations from either the handler to an actor but can also go from A spot to B spot if B spot is an inanimate object such as a branch or roof top and something like motorcycle handle bars, for example.



Falcons: Peregrine, Saker, Gyr, Kestrel:

The Jet fighter of the bird of prey world - fast and furious. They will stay in the line of sight of the camera for a few seconds and usually fly between 200-1200ft in height around the wrangler. Actors require quite a bit of training to work with them; falcons are very skiddish around new surroundings and require about 10 minutes to acclimate to each situation.



We have two species for you to chose from: Bald eagle or Golden eagle.

Eagles look the best on film when flying over water with the wing tips hitting the water.

Bald eagles or Golden eagles are the hardest birds of prey to work with. They generally take a long time to train, sometimes months for a desired effect. We highly recommend that, if you require either species, we have full understanding of what is required and how long we have to train the Bald eagle or Golden eagle with the actor and the location or situation as per script.



Hawkeye's Owls

Rarely like to fly around alot, a few flights is all we will get out of owls - not good for take after take. The are very cool just sitting still and have an air of patience, knowledge, and wisdom about them.




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