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More exposure to the topic of ethics in humane raccoon removal is needed in today’s world. The Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act, 1997 (FWCA) by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry is the provincial governing law in Ontario that regulates hunting and trapping, and humane control of wildlife situations. The MNRF enforces these laws.

humane raccoon removal

Under the Act, policies and regulations are legally in place to ensure that wildlife, including raccoons, are not harassed, captured, or killed using inhumane methods.

The Importance of Humane Raccoon Removal

Raccoon control and removal should always be accomplished by means of humane measures. Despite the negative perception of the behaviour of these critters, or reported property damage, it is important to ensure they are not harmed or killed unnecessarily.

As with human life, ethics come into play when discussing and considering the life of a wild creature, including that of a raccoon. Humane measures prevent exposure to stress, pain, and even a slow death.

These measures most often take the form of live trapping and capture using specific traps as set out by the MNRF in Ontario

Benefits of Hawkeye Bird Control’s Approach to Raccoon Removal

Raccoon removal can be a positive solution with the help of the reputable animal trapping services of Hawkeye Bird & Animal Control. With our humane solutions for raccoon removal, our team adheres to the Province of Ontario’s regulations and policies under the FWCA.

A trapped raccoon can only be released within one kilometer from the capture site to ensure it can properly adapt to the new surroundings and to reduce the risk of spreading disease.  Hawkeye is also licensed for euthanasia of trapped animals (as per SPCA).

Hawkeye not only safely and effectively removes raccoons, but our team also initiates measures on the property to deter invasion by other wildlife.

Common Misconceptions about Raccoons

Although many consider raccoons cute critters with funny antics, others only see the masked bandits as pesky garbage can invaders or destroyers of property. Regardless of how they are perceived, there are common misconceptions about raccoons.

The biggest myth is that raccoons are only nocturnal. While raccoons tend to be more active at night, they can come out during the day. A raccoon may be seen throughout the day looking for food for its family or itself.

Another misconception is that a raccoon hibernates all winter. But these critters are active all year round, even during the cold and snowy months. However, they do go missing in action for long periods when they enter the torpor state—when their body temperature lowers, allowing them to sleep longer than usual.

Moreover, many homeowners are concerned about the welfare of their cats and small dogs when raccoons are nearby. While this wild creature does not prey on these domestic animals, a raccoon will attack if it feels threatened. Raccoons can be vicious fighters when cornered. They are also quite likely carriers of parasites and possibly disease. Please keep your pets leashed. Also see: Raccoon Control Tips for Pet Owners »

Seek Out the Expertise of Hawkeye Bird and Animal Control for Humane Raccoon Removal 

Hawkeye Bird and Animal Control’s humane methods for raccoon trapping and removal combine to make for one of our top services. Our team has the expertise and education on raccoon behaviours to ensure the method is a permanent yet ethical solution for your residential, commercial, and industrial needs.

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