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It’s never a pleasant surprise to discover you have uninvited guests living in your house - especially when those guests happen to be wild animals like raccoons!

Raccoons may look cute, but they can cause some serious damage if left unchecked in or around your home. In addition, they could also be harmful to your health. Not only will raccoons attack if provoked and defend themselves, especially during mating and nesting season, but they can also be carriers of serious diseases.10 signs there may be a raccoon in your house

If you’ve noticed these tell-tale signs of an unwelcome intruder, read on for 10 key indicators that you may have a raccoon living nearby!

  1. Visible Raccoon Tracks

If the property has mud or snow, check for visible raccoon tracks on the ground that may lead to a newly built den. These may be seen along a fence line, near a garage or house, at the bottom of trees, around garbage cans, or other areas of the property.

Look for asymmetrical tracks measuring two to three inches in diameter in the shape of a handprint. It will have five finger-like toes on the back and front feet with small claw markings in the ground. 

  1. Traces of Raccoon Feces 

Raccoon feces are usually found in dark, warm, and dry places, so if you occasionally find small bits of feces (or scat) in corners or near wall openings after searching with a flashlight, then it could indicate that a raccoon has paid a visit to your home. Raccoon feces is often mistaken for small dog feces due to the foul odour and black colouring.

It’s best to take precautions and be careful when handling potential raccoon feces because it could contain parasites and other infectious diseases that may harm humans or pets if not cleaned up properly.

  1. Scratches On or Around the Home

Raccoons have long sharp claws that can do significant damage to floors, walls, and siding, regardless of whether the material is metal or wood. The exterior of the home may have deep scratches in the siding, brick, or concrete while wooden beams and flooring of the attic can also be scraped or scratched.

  1. Unusual Sounds

Raccoons are curious animals that like to explore and will likely cause a commotion around your home during the night. Their hard long claws and heavy weight of paws will make identifying sounds as they move around the basement or attic.

Be sure to stay vigilant with an ear out for any suspicious noises that may suggest the presence of a raccoon. You might also hear scratching, squeaks, and chattering which are all familiar to raccoons. And like all wildlife, raccoons can also fight and make snarling noises.

  1. Garbage Is Consistently Being Invaded 

Have you noticed that your garbage can has been knocked over in the middle of the night? Raccoons are master foragers and famous for their scavenging of human food, so it's no surprise they're always on the outlook for easy pickings from one of our favourite go-to locations: trash cans.

From going through compost, packaging, and everything in between, these little critters will stop at nothing until they get a meal—so don't be surprised if you wake up one morning to find a pile of garbage scattered about your yard.

  1. Raccoon Sighting on the Roof 

What may be a funny sighting can quickly turn into a serious situation, especially if you notice raccoons on the roof of a home. While some people might immediately hear noises coming from their attic or notice damage around an entry point outside their home, seeing a raccoon on top of your roof is a sure-fire way to know they are there.

Raccoons can cause extensive damage in homes by chewing walls and ripping out insulation, so it's important to act fast to prevent any further destruction. Urine and feces also cause extensive damage and can carry disease.

  1. Open Holes in Your Foundation

The foundation of a house or other property structure needs to be inspected for openings where raccoons can sneak in to build a nest. These entry points may have dirt smudges along with feces droppings nearby. It is important to remember even the biggest of raccoons can squeeze into small places.

  1. Evidence of Nesting Materials

Raccoons love to stash away supplies for their nests in sheltered areas, such as chimneys, garages, or attics. To build a comfortable home, they'll gather anything from bits of fabric to insulation and cardboard. So, if you find displaced items around your house, it’s possible you’ve got an unwelcome roomie.

  1. Damaged Electrical Wiring

If you've noticed any suspicious signs of electrical wiring damages, chances are there might be a raccoon in your home. Electrical wiring damages caused by these pesky critters include chewed wires and cords, appliance destruction due to chewing, and the unmistakable smell of something burning that can result from short-circuiting.

  1. Damaged Tree Branches

If you notice any broken or damaged tree branches on your property, it can be an indication of nesting raccoons. Any tree bark that has signs of clawing or marks along with broken branches can suggest a raccoon used the tree for shelter or for searching for food.


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