What do I do when there's a raccoon going through my garbage?


Many people leave garbage cans on their back deck or on the side of their house. This is probably the worst thing you can do when it comes to controlling the presence of nuisance wildlife on your property. Unsecured garbage or the smell of food is a main attractant for raccoons. With the urbanization of our communities and lack of environment for the ever increasing population of raccoons, our accessible garbage can become a readily available food source. And, while raccoons will eat just about anything we leave behind, much of food fit for human consumption is decidedly unhealthy for wildlife and can cause serious illness or even death. Learn more about removing a dead animal here »

When deciding how to properly secure your garbage to prevent raccoon access, you must keep in mind how agile, patient, strong, and smart these creatures are. If your garbage bins are not properly latched, locked, or put in your house, you are leaving yourself open to unwanted visitors. Many try to come up with creative solutions, but even a cinder block on top of a garbage bin can be easily moved by a determined raccoon.

There are a few options in terms of how to safely secure your garbage from raccoons. A metal can with a lock or tie downs can be an effective solution, but the most reliable long term solution is to create or buy an enclosure such as those shown on www.binsolutions.ca. Even if you are keeping your garbage in your shed or garage, this will not guarantee the absence of raccoons. There are many ways for them to enter these locations depending on the condition of these structures – never underestimate the strength and determination of a raccoon.

If you are fed up with nuisance raccoons on your property, we have a customized solution for you. We provide permanent and humane removal of nuisance fur bearing animals. We are the only company in Canada with licenced trappers who have the ability to euthanize nuisance wildlife following the regulations set forth by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association. Please remember that it is illegal to trap or relocate nuisance wildlife without the proper licencing – there are very strict guidelines governing these activities which must be adhered to. Don’t put yourself in danger – our licenced technicians will handle everything. Call us at (416) HAWKEYE for fast, effective, and permanent solutions to your raccoon problem.



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